IRS Pays Bonuses Regardless of Tax Due

The article below is interesting enough.  Please note what a lot of people don’t understand is the IRS has to go through all of their processes to collect against an outstanding tax bill.  Therefore, if the employee is set up on a payment plan, or being garnished monthly, this wouldn’t be accounted for in the […]

8 Things to Remember About IRS Penalties

The IRS tacks on penalties and interest on unpaid tax. Your IRS tax burden can increase quickly over a very small period of time. Best to pay the liability in full if you can. However, if you cannot pay your IRS liability in full, Highland Tax Group can and will assist you with your burden. […]

Post Offer In Compromise Process

Many of my clients seem to get extremely anxious when it comes to following up on their Offer In Compromise once they have satisfied the terms of the Offer In Compromise. However, I always inform my clients that with the IRS, everything takes time. Below are some steps to help you know you have satisfied […]

How Are Your Income Taxes Being Spent

According to a source at only 1 in 5 American’s know how thier income taxes are being spent.  I also had a client inquire about how his income taxes were being spent. The article in the Denver Business Journal by Heather Draper ( for the week of March 28th – April 3rd (Page A-10) […]

IRS Extends Deadline For Deducting Colorado Disaster-Related Losses

Notice 2014-20, 2014-15 IRB, IR 2014-35 In a Notice, IRS has given Colorado flood victims an extension until Oct. 15, 2014 to decide whether to claim disaster losses arising from last September’s flooding on either their 2012 or 2013 returns. Without this extension, these taxpayers would have had to make this decision by the original […]

Are You Getting Too Much IRS Mail?

Are you getting too much IRS mailed correspondence? Not sure what to do with the IRS mailed correspondence once you receive it? Call us at 720-398-6088 for your free consultation. We will be happy to guide you in the right direction as it relates to the IRS mail.

IRS Interest Rates Stick for 2nd Quarter 2014

Overpayment and underpayment rates remain the same for the second quarter of 2014 Rev Rul 2014-11, 2014-14 IRB; IR 2014-29 IRS has announced that the interest rates for tax overpayments and underpayments for the calendar quarter beginning Apr. 1, 2014, will remain the same as for the first quarter of 2014. RIA observation: The interest […]

7 Steps to Initiating an IRS Installment Agreement

Today we are writing about the IRS installment agreement process and how it can help you as it relates to your IRS tax liability.  First and foremost, there are various types of payment plans available to fit your needs. Secondly, depending on what you may owe the IRS, either for your business or you personally, […]

5 Steps to Getting Your IRS Tax Lien Removed!

We have several taxpayer’s who come to us because they have an IRS tax lien on record. When the IRS files a tax lien it is reported at the county clerk and recorder’s office where the taxpayer resides. The goal of the tax lien is for the IRS to secure their interests in the IRS […]