Funniest Cartoons Ever Made Concerning the IRS

Now that we’ve passed the tax filing deadlines, it’s time to lighten up a bit. After all, if we can’t avoid paying taxes, it’s probably better to try to find something funny about the process.

No more, thanks!

When you get unwanted solicitations in the mail, one way to solve the problem is by writing directly to the organization that’s sending out the letters. Think it might work with the tax collector? Snoopy gives it a try in this classic. (Although you can tell it’s an oldie—Snoopy is using a typewriter in his correspondence with the IRS—the message is still very relevant.)

Incomprehensible directions

Did you spend hours wading through your tax forms, trying to decipher what seems to be the foreign language of the instructions? Imagine what it would be like if the IRS was in charge of providing you with travel directions. This cartoon, displayed on, gives us a glimpse of that nightmare.×0/filters:no_upscale()/about/IRS-GPS-58b8df3c5f9b58af5c900b78.gif

Just be glad that the IRS isn’t responsible for creating recipes or telling us how to operate washing machines and dryers. If we had to follow their guidance, we’d be living on peanut butter sandwiches and washing our clothes in the kitchen sink.

Making it through the tax forms

Maybe the people who design the 1040 (and related forms) moonlight as corn maze designers. Here’s the view from U.S. World & News Reports.×647/quality/85/?url=%2Fcmsmedia%2Ff5%2F0b%2Fd6ace1d048efb91ccd7d50648ffe%2Fthumb-3.jpg

New government tax strategy

Of course, maybe we shouldn’t complain too much. Right now, there’s some presumption that we’re entitled to some of our money. What if the government adopted the strategy suggested in

Tax relief? It’s complicated.

Most people, no matter what their party affiliation or political beliefs, think that almost anything would be better than the tax code we currently have. But tax reform proposals seem to start out simple, then get complicated as various interest groups weigh in. The result is something like this cartoon from

Same time next year

After you file your taxes you get a feeling of relief. But this Frank and Ernest cartoon reminds us that’s only a temporary state: