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The Fight Over the IRS Decision to Allow Private Collection Agencies to Access Tax Records

Taxpayers have long taken solace in the knowledge that the IRS would never conduct cold calls in the interest of collecting on tax debt. All that is about to change, with a recent IRS decision paving the way for interference from private firms. This decision represents a huge departure from the previous IRS policy, which […]

Lessons to Learn From IRS Debt Collectors Accused of Not Playing by the Book

The IRS recently switched collection tactics, and the agency now hires outside collection companies to recover debt. One of these companies, Pioneer Credit Recovery, has been using illegal and unethical tactics to collect these payments, reports the New York Times. If a debt collector contacts you, keep these tips in mind: Know What to Expect […]

IRS Debt Collection: What Will It Look Like in 10 Years?

Here’s a mind boggling fact: approximately 17 percent of IRS taxes go unpaid each year. This figure takes into account IRS cheating as well as delinquency. This lost revenue creates major headaches for the federal government, and policymakers on both sides of the aisle have floated ideas for closing the gap. Over the next decade, […]