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3 Simple Steps Saves Taxpayer $5,000 payment

Recently we had a client come to us who had attempted to deal with her IRS tax debt on her own.  She owes the IRS $12,000 in personal tax liability. Ultimately the IRS had asked her to pay the tax debt in full in December of last year. She agreed.  However, when the deadline was […]

Tax Debt Help Provides Savings of $82,000!

We have a client in the State of New York who ran a restaurant and wanted to sell to get out of the business. Prior to hiring us as their premier tax debt help company to assist with the outstanding State of New York tax issues, our client had a third party come in and […]

Tax Debt Help Leads to Savings of $302,000!

Today we are going to discuss how great tax debt help can save a significant sum of money, hardship, and difficulty when dealing with the IRS. The IRS has an assessment called the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty which is used to assert a tax debt penalty to the responsible parties in a business when dealing […]