Workers Compensation Penalty of $15,000 Reversed!

We recently assisted a client with a State of Colorado workers compensation issue. The company is a cleaning services company that was paying each of their workers as independent contractors for over 3 years. Each contractor was cleaning businesses and homes on demand. They were using cleaning supplies provided by the company. They were working on […]

Innocent Spouse Claim Accepted Saving $38,000!

Our client came to us last spring with an IRS tax problem covering tax years 2008 and 2009.  The tax liability stemmed from two joint returns filed with her now ex-spouse. She came to us not knowing what to do or whom to turn to regarding the IRS claim.  We began work right away. Fortunately, […]

Has the IRS Levied Your Bank Accounts?

Our client recently contacted us due to the fact she assumed her bank accounts had been levied.  We somewhat scratched our head at her calls and emails.  Let’s go into a little more detail regarding the case. First and foremost the client came to us last spring with a tax bill totaling $30,000.  She claimed […]

Statutes Expire on IRS Tax Bill Generating Savings of $40,000!

We had a client come to us in April of this year with a $60,000 tax bill. His greatest concern was not only savings, but also making sure he could sell his home with the least amount of exposure to his IRS tax liability.   We immediately began working on his case. The first step we […]

State of Colorado Wage Garnishment Released!

We recently had a client who came to us with quite the State of Colorado income tax issue.  He came to us with a $10,000 bill from the State.  Further, the State of Colorado had actually assessed all of the tax liability he owed due to the fact he had not filed a tax return […]

3 FAQ’s on Getting Started with Highland Tax Group!

Q. How do I know my accounts have been protected from levy action after I hire Highland Tax Group? A. The first step we take is filing the Power of Attorney form and contacting the IRS immediately. Upon speaking with the IRS we confirm what you owe, if there are any missing returns, the status […]

IRS Wage Garnishment Released!

We recently had a client who came to us with facing a situation whereby her wages as well as her husband’s wages were being garnished.  She was in a panic.  However, she came to the right place if she was looking to not only resolve her tax debt, but also work on their IRS wage […]

The IRS Offer in Compromise Process – 3 FAQ’s

I tend to field quite a few questions regarding the IRS offer in compromise process. Below are the top 3 questions I receive regarding the offer in compromise process: Q. How long does the Offer in Compromise process take from start to finish? A. The answer is usually it depends. However, the standard Offer in […]