How Much Do You Owe the IRS? Here’s How to Check

You’re convinced that you’re behind on your taxes, but not sure what you owe. While any back taxes should be cause for concern, the urgency of the matter can vary drastically based on how much you owe. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a mystery; the IRS provides plenty of opportunities to determine what you […]

The Role of the IRS Revenue Officer

IRS scams abound, so it’s no wonder you think twice when a civil employee demands payment. Not all IRS employees should frighten you, however. It helps to understand the differences between IRS employees—and the unique role IRS revenue officers play in collection. A Day in the Life Revenue officers take on a variety of roles, […]

The IRS Could Have Decades to Collect Payroll Taxes Owed

If you owe back taxes, you’re certainly not alone; data from the IRS indicates that over 18 million Americans owed delinquent taxes as of 2014. Furthermore, 10 million taxpayers face penalties every year. What, then, happens to those who fail to pay up? Unfortunately, the consequences can be harsh — and there’s no running away […]

How Does a Divorcing Couple Split Up Their IRS Debt?

Dividing property in a divorce is difficult enough as is, but dealing with shared IRS debt can be a nightmare. Whether you resolve these issues in mediation or in court, you’re bound to find this process frustrating. The better you understand the role IRS debt plays in your divorce, the easier you’ll find it to […]

Behind on Quarterly Taxes? Here’s What You Should Do

The dreaded quarterly tax payment: it’s an inescapable part of life for small business owners and independent contractors. It’s easy to get in the habit of seeing larger payments with no withdrawals and assuming that money is all yours — but in reality, you should be setting aside a significant chunk of your income for […]

How to Explain Your IRS Debt Situation to Loved Ones

Are you seriously behind on your taxes? It takes a certain vulnerability to ‘come out’ to loved ones, but the reward could be well worth that brief moment of discomfort. Your friends and family members may be more understanding than you suspect; at least a few have likely dealt with tax issues of their own—and […]

How (And Why) Does the IRS Use Private Debt Collectors?

If you’ve ever dealt with a debt collector, you know that there’s a fine line between recovery efforts and full-on harassment. Unfortunately, such harassment may accompany future efforts to collect tax debt; the IRS recently reactivated a program that relies on private debt collectors. How Private Tax Debt Collection Works Congress recently approved four private […]

What’s the Deal With the IRS Postcard?

When promoting the recently passed tax bill, advocates claimed that future taxes would be simple enough to fit on a postcard. Now, they report that their promise has come to fruition. A mockup has been delivered (and even kissed by President Trump), but is it as simple as congressional Republicans suggest? Below, we uncover the […]

The Pharma Bro Case: Important Takeaways for How NOT to Deal With the IRS

“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli is best known for hiking the prices of life-saving medications by an astounding 5,000 percent. He has also made waves with his snarky commentary on the pharmaceuticals industry. These actions, while reprehensible in the eyes of his detractors, did not lead to his recent incarceration. Rather, he got in trouble with […]

Did the IRS Levy You Unfairly? You Now Have More Time to Fight Back

The IRS enjoys the ability to levy assets and income from individuals or businesses that owe taxes. Unfortunately, the IRS regularly mishandles this power and incorrectly levies taxpayers who have done nothing wrong. When this occurs, taxpayers are suddenly left in the lurch, without access to the income and assets they’ve worked so hard to […]