IRS Workers are Protesting the Shutdown – What Does This Mean for Taxpayers?

Last week, IRS workers staged a public protest in Fresno, California to demand an end to the government shutdown, which is now the longest in U.S. history. The local IRS office in Fresno typically employs 5200 people, the majority of which have been out of work since the shutdown began. According to local news sources, […]

What Happens If You Fall Behind On Your IRS Installment Payments?

You failed to pay your taxes on time but were fortunate enough to score an installment agreement. Now, however, you’re also struggling to keep up with your payment plan. Unfortunately, the IRS might not be so forgiving this time. Below, we highlight a few of the best-case and worst-case scenarios you can expect to face […]

The IRS Will Pay Refunds Despite the Government Shutdown

In an attempt to ease taxpayer concerns about the ongoing government shutdown and its effect on tax refunds, the White House announced this past week that it has directed the IRS to process tax returns and issue refunds as usual beginning at the end of January. The measure intends to release at least some of […]

What’s Happening to IRS Workers Because of the Government Shutdown?

While most taxpayers have natural concerns about how the shutdown of the federal government will affect their tax returns, the IRS workers themselves face perhaps an even greater concern: How will they survive financially until the government reopens? More than 800,000 federal employees across all branches of government are truly feeling the pinch for the […]

How the Government Shutdown Affects You as a Taxpayer (part 2)

While Congress and the White House try to come to an agreement on border wall funding, the partial shutdown of the federal government continues, with the IRS currently functioning with barely a skeleton crew. The IRS will still receive tax returns, and the White House tells us (for now, anyway) that the IRS will still […]

How the Government Shutdown Affects You as a Taxpayer (part 1)

Unless you have been purposely avoiding the news and social media, you have no doubt heard about the partial shutdown of the federal government beginning December 22, 2018, and now continuing into its third week. As the White House and Congress remain at odds over funding for a border wall with no deal in sight, […]

The Result of Unpaid IRS Back Taxes – Horror Stories

If you think you can get away with avoiding taxes indefinitely, you are dead wrong. Plenty of people have tried this tactic, and plenty have failed. Sometimes, the effects of unpaid taxes can be shocking, as evidenced by the stories outlined below: Deceptive IRS Agents Most IRS agents are just trying to do their job, […]

Mistakes You Absolutely Do NOT Want to Make If You Owe a Balance on 1040 Taxes

Many Americans look forward to tax refunds every year. Unfortunately, refunds are never a guarantee. Some people are lucky enough to break even, but many employees owe an annual balance. If you count yourself among these unfortunate individuals, it’s imperative that you pay correctly and on time. Avoid the following mistakes at all costs: Failure […]

How to Calendar Your Business Taxes So You Aren’t Caught Off Guard By Payroll Taxes (Or Penalties)

As a small business owner, missed tax deadlines are one of your greatest nightmares. Careful scheduling can ensure that you meet all deadlines, but even the most conscientious business owner may struggle to keep so many dates and requirements straight. Follow these simple steps to keep payroll tax problems to a minimum: Check the IRS […]