About Highland Tax Group, Inc. Your Denver Tax Resolution Specialists

About HTG Highland Tax Group, Inc. was founded with the intention of helping others with their IRS tax problem or IRS tax audit. We have helped many clients resolve their IRS tax issues so they can get back to living their lives with a sense of peace, harmony, and security.  We offer Tax Resolution Services, […]

What Is the Special Enrollment Examination? Why Does It Matter?

Becoming an enrolled agent is far from easy. This field requires an extensive understanding of IRS policies and procedures. Additionally, agents must be able to advocate assertively while also providing patient guidance for struggling taxpayers. Following extensive preparation, aspiring enrolled agents must complete one final hurdle: passing all three sections of the Special Enrollment Examination. […]

What Impact Does IRS Debt Have on Your Credit?

Tax debt can hold far-reaching consequences, and we’re not just talking about interest or long-term installment payments. If you continually neglect to pay up, penalties imposed by the IRS could damage your credit. The good news? The mere presence of IRS debt doesn’t immediately harm your credit score. How you deal with existing debt will […]

Don’t Meet with the IRS — Hire Us

In an environment in which the very mention of the IRS can incite extreme fear or anxiety, the urge to ignore serious tax issues is perfectly understandable. By the time you decide to tackle these concerns, you may face difficult negotiations with the IRS. When that fateful day arrives, you can take solace in knowing […]

What Happens When the IRS Can’t Reach You?

The IRS obviously has a vested interest in getting in touch with anybody who neglects to file returns or pay their taxes. Doing so, however, often proves tricky — even given the increased accessibility of contact information in our modern world. If the IRS struggles to get in touch, you could face a surprisingly harsh […]

HTG Featured in Business Insider Article

Our very own Mike Wallen was recently interviewed by Business Insider for an article concerning the SBA Payment Protection Program and the application process. Thank you Business Insider and Julie Peck for featuring Mike in your article. Mike Wallen, of Highland Tax Resolution, a two-man shop in Denver, Colorado, managed to get his firm’s information submitted for […]

How to Deal With the Psychology of Being in Debt

It’s no secret that tax debt wreaks havoc on your finances. Unfortunately, the effects run far deeper. The very presence of debt can influence how you think and behave. It’s associated with depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other mental health issues. Unfortunately, these can prompt inaction, thereby creating a downward spiral of further […]

Steps the IRS is Taking During the Coronavirus Crisis: Individuals

With news of the rapidly moving coronavirus changing fast, the US government and the IRS are responding daily. To answer coronavirus-related questions, the IRS has created a website that can help taxpayers and small business owners navigate uncertain times. In coordinating multiple agencies– the US Department of the Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and […]

Learn More About Highland Tax Group and President, Mike J. Wallen!

We had the opportunity to interview with Voyage Denver recently and the details of the interview are below! We thought we would share some good news today! The article can be read here! How Did You Get Started? I started in the tax resolution industry in March of 2004. Prior to that, I attended and […]

Installment Agreement Direct Debit Frequently Asked Questions

This information is straight from the IRS website. Links provided and Q&A below. To help people facing the challenges of COVID-19 issues, the IRS through the People First Initiative will temporarily adjust and suspend key compliance programs. Installment Agreement Direct Debit Frequently Asked Questions For taxpayers under an existing Installment Agreement, payments due between April […]