IRS Tax Questions!

Many times individuals who are my clients and potential clients come to me with several IRS tax Questions. Some of which can be more complicated than others and require a specialist to answer. Such as legal or true tax return questions where  you may need an attorney or a tax prep specialist to answer your […]

Highland Tax Q&A / The 3 Most Common Questions

This week I decided to put together a few common questions my clients and potential clients frequently have. When dealing with an outstanding tax liability there are various questions regarding IRS the correspondence, what information needs and doesn’t need to be turned into the IRS, as well as if a non-liable spouse needs to have […]

Bad Advice From Non-Tax Professionals

We came across a potential client recently who had recently applied for a refinance on their mortgage.  They were in a situation where they had a joint owner on the property and the joint owner wanted to move and get their name removed from the title.  The other issue at hand of course was the […]

IRS Audit? Balance Due? Don’t Represent Yourself!

The article below is a perfect example of the IRS taking advantage of the average hardworking American.  The story goes on to tell about how the IRS levied bank accounts, threatened to seize assets, seize their business, etc.  It just goes to show the IRS will take advantage of the taxpayer when they can.  However, […]

Proud to do Business in Denver!

The link below is a video produced to showcase what Denver is all about. We are proud to do business in Denver! Enjoy. Proud to do business in Denver!

Taxes Filed? Balance Due?

Now that we are approximately 9 days beyond the filing deadline it is time to discuss the repercussions of any fall out if you or someone you know has a balance due.  First and foremost if you filed an extension, and did not pay your balance due with form 4868, you will have accrued a […]

IRS Pays Bonuses Regardless of Tax Due

The article below is interesting enough.  Please note what a lot of people don’t understand is the IRS has to go through all of their processes to collect against an outstanding tax bill.  Therefore, if the employee is set up on a payment plan, or being garnished monthly, this wouldn’t be accounted for in the […]

8 Things to Remember About IRS Penalties

The IRS tacks on penalties and interest on unpaid tax. Your IRS tax burden can increase quickly over a very small period of time. Best to pay the liability in full if you can. However, if you cannot pay your IRS liability in full, Highland Tax Group can and will assist you with your burden. […]

Post Offer In Compromise Process

Many of my clients seem to get extremely anxious when it comes to following up on their Offer In Compromise once they have satisfied the terms of the Offer In Compromise. However, I always inform my clients that with the IRS, everything takes time. Below are some steps to help you know you have satisfied […]

How Are Your Income Taxes Being Spent

According to a source at only 1 in 5 American’s know how thier income taxes are being spent.  I also had a client inquire about how his income taxes were being spent. The article in the Denver Business Journal by Heather Draper ( for the week of March 28th – April 3rd (Page A-10) […]