IRS Tax Problem? Confused By What You Owe?

A lot of people we come across with IRS Tax Problems are confused about what they owe. They (both businesses and individuals) even have existing representation in place and are actively working on their IRS Tax Problem. However, their current representative, CPA, attorney, or bookkeeper either hasn’t informed the taxpayer as to what they owe, […]

How to File an Offer In Compromise – A 5 Step Process

We filed an Offer in Compromise for a client in the beginning of February 2013.  His balance dues were less than $32,000 at the time. However, he had a few missing returns needing to be filed first. Once the returns were filed we could proceed with the financial form, collecting of supporting documentation, and subsequently […]

IRS Tax Debt Reduction Leads to Savings of $115,000!

Every so often we manage to assist clients in the reduction of their IRS tax debt reduction.  We use several different methods to complete the task.  Today’s blog post is in direct reference to a Civil Penalty assessed against a business under Internal Revenue Code Section 6671 and 6751 (d).  The penalty is due to […]

Tax Resolution Service Offers Easy 4 Step Process!

There are various tax resolution services offered and many ways to handle your tax matters. The tax resolution services offered at Highland Tax Group, Inc. vary depending on your circumstances. Regardless of what your situation is we offer a 4 step process to simplify dealing with your outstanding tax matters. – First and foremost we […]

Tax Debt Help Provides Savings of $82,000!

We have a client in the State of New York who ran a restaurant and wanted to sell to get out of the business. Prior to hiring us as their premier tax debt help company to assist with the outstanding State of New York tax issues, our client had a third party come in and […]

IRS Offer In Compromise Settled for $5,693.00!

Here at Highland Tax Group, Inc., we do our very best to settle debts whether it is a payment plan, penalty abatement, or offer in compromise. Today, we are discussing a client who has kidney disease and is currently on the list for a transplant. We filed an Offer In Compromise for the 1040 debt totaling […]

Tax Debt Help Leads to Savings of $302,000!

Today we are going to discuss how great tax debt help can save a significant sum of money, hardship, and difficulty when dealing with the IRS. The IRS has an assessment called the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty which is used to assert a tax debt penalty to the responsible parties in a business when dealing […]

Offer In Compromise Saves Taxpayer 85%!

Our client came to us with a unknown tax liability. She also needed her 2009 tax return prepared. After preparing her 2009 tax return, we determined that she owed approximately $30,000 in taxes and a total of $35,000 with penalty and interest. After reviewing the financial statement we made the determination that she qualified for […]

IRS Tax Liability? Seek Currently Non Collectible!

Are you currently unemployed? Did your business shut down because of the taxing authorities or other creditors? Are you left with nothing but a large IRS trust fund tax bill? If so, think currently non-collectible. Our client was shut down by the utility company for unpaid electric bills and he could not afford to continue […]

Choosing IRS Audit Representation

The article below explains some tips for getting your money’s worth out of your Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent. When you are in IRS trouble and are looking for IRS Audit Representation it is as important to consider the same tips when choosing your tax representative.  The 5 tips are as follows: – Build a […]