Doubt as to Liability Offer In Compromise

I recently acquired a client who is in need of a doubt as to liability offer in compromise.  The doubt as to liability offer in compromise is a tricky one.  Most people barely understand how to file a doubt as to collectibility (most common OIC filed) much less an offer doubting the tax amount, or […]

Government Shutdown and Effects on the IRS

IRS has announced on its website ( that its operations have been scaled back due to the government shutdown. However, it emphasized that taxpayers must nonetheless continue to meet their tax obligations as normal. Background on the shutdown. Due to the House and Senate’s failure to pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government […]

Offer In Compromise Saves Client $65,000!

Our client came to us with an unpaid trust fund balance totaling over $100,000 before we filed his offer in compromise.  The debt stemmed from a business he ran that accrued over $300,000 in payroll tax debt. We assisted him with the closure of the business, thus leading us to the determination we would file […]