Eugene M., Colorado

I had a very large tax problem stemming from a business I owned.  I couldn’t pay the balance due and didn’t know what to do.  I began working with Mike at Highland Tax Group and he was able to successfully represent me before not only the State of Colorado taxing authorities but also the IRS.  The State of Colorado was garnishing my wages and I couldn’t afford to pay my bills.  After Mike went down to the State of Colorado in person, he was able to get my garnishment reduced to something I could afford! On the other end of things, my IRS problem was vast and growing but Mike assured me we could provide financial information and a proposal to successfully settle on my account. My financial status isn’t great and we decided an offer in compromise would be the best strategy.  We were able to settle for far less than what was owed and I was already able to pay it off! I can now get back to building my finances back up and providing a life for myself. Mike always provided comfort and a sense of security knowing he was handling the problem regardless of the stress involved. I would highly recommend Mike at Highland Tax Group to anyone with State or IRS tax issues. Thanks Mike!!