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The 4 Common Triggers for Getting Audited, If You’re Self-Employed

The phrase “You’re being audited” may strike fear in your heart, and rightly so. An IRS audit on your self-employed tax return can be time-consuming, intimidating and frustrating. Consider four common triggers that can cause a dreaded audit. Filing Schedule C You file a Schedule C because it calculates your business profits and losses and […]

6 Big Mistakes to Avoid During an IRS Audit

During an IRS audit, you may feel confused, angry and frustrated. Your actions can determine the outcome of your audit. Avoid the mistakes listed below. 6 Big Mistakes to Avoid If the IRS Is Auditing You Ignoring IRS Notices Your IRS auditor may mail important notices or call you to discuss audit details. Read your […]

IRS Audit Representation: What is an IRS Audit? How Should You Respond Strategically?

This just might be the scariest phrase in the English language: IRS audit. But what is an IRS audit, exactly? Should you be scared or anxious? How should you respond strategically? Below, we’ll explain how to protect yourself against the IRS and reclaim your sanity. Definitions and Background When the IRS reviews your tax return […]

IRS Audit Representation in Denver: What Is It? How Can It Help You Survive the IRS?

The words “IRS tax audit” could well be some of the most frightening words in the English language. If you have received an audit notification from the IRS, you might have no idea what to do next, and you’re likely overwhelmed by powerful emotions, like fear and anxiety. By securing qualified Denver audit tax representation, […]

IRS Audit Saves $25,000 in Potential Assessments!

We recently had a client hire us for an IRS audit covering tax years 2012 and 2013. The IRS was challenging her business expenses listed on the schedule C, primarily travel, meals and entertainment, as well as mileage and vehicle costs. We definitely had our work cut out for us. First and foremost the week […]

Choosing IRS Audit Representation

The article below explains some tips for getting your money’s worth out of your Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent. When you are in IRS trouble and are looking for IRS Audit Representation it is as important to consider the same tips when choosing your tax representative.  The 5 tips are as follows: – Build a […]