Investigating, Calculating, and Documenting IRS Obligations

Not Sure What Taxes You Owe?

The most common tax question that individuals and businesses have is where they stand on their tax obligations. The Internal Revenue Code is incredibly long and complex, advancing all sorts of revenue- raising, economic, and social goals. Federal and state tax obligations are also substantial, meaning that individuals and businesses have a lot riding on how they determine their tax obligations. If money grew on trees, then we could all just throw money at the IRS when facing tax obligations. But money is instead hard to earn. We also have better purposes for our money than to pay more taxes than we owe. Fortunately, help is on the way: the IRS Enrolled Agents at Highland Tax
are masters at helping clients determine the taxes that they actually owe.

Not Sure Where the IRS Stands?

Yet how much tax one actually owes is just half of the tax equation. The other half of the tax equation is what the IRS believes one owes. Individuals and businesses sometimes know exactly what tax they owe, having calculated it properly based on accurate and complete documentation. But they soon learn that the IRS believes otherwise, that taxes are still owing and now overdue. Few things are more frustrating than dealing with a bureaucracy that will not give you a clear answer. In those cases, the taxpayer’s challenge is to determine the status of the taxpayer’s account with the IRS. Again, help is on the way: the IRS Enrolled Agents at Highland Tax Group know the IRS personnel and procedures to help clients determine exactly where they stand with the IRS.

Not Sure What Is Missing?

Taxpayers face one more challenge when they know that they have paid every tax they owe, but the IRS or other tax authority believes otherwise. That challenge is to find out what incomplete or erroneous documentation the IRS or other tax authority has so that the taxpayer can complete and correct that documentation. When calculating taxes, the IRS is all about documentation. If the IRS does not have complete tax records, or has inaccurate records, then an argument is not likely to satisfy the IRS. Instead, you need to complete or correct the documentation. Here again is where the IRS Enrolled Agents at Highland Tax Group help clients resolve their tax issues, by obtaining, organizing, analyzing, and presenting the tax records to resolve your tax issue promptly and favorably. 

The IRS Enrolled Agents at Highland Tax Group offer each of these tax-resolution services at an affordable cost and without requiring that you spend inordinate time. Let Highland Tax Group confirm and document your correct tax obligation and handle the hard work of dealing with the IRS. Contact Highland Tax Group now online or toll-free at 888-738-8182.

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