Amber S., Colorado

Mike Wallen serves his clients with integrity & professionalism. He’s a true expert and is driven by a commitment to find a solution. Although he works with the IRS every day, he’s extremely compassionate towards his clients and the stress they experience dealing with the IRS. I would highly recommend getting Mike on your side rather than dealing with the IRS alone (we tried working with the IRS on our own and were not able to get a resolution).

Brian T., Colorado

Mike was a great help in getting everything organized in my case and helping me understand just what I was facing and came up a very simple concise plan on how to solve my problem. The sleepless nights went away. I highly recommend Mike and his staff to anyone that is needing assistance with the IRS. Mike keeps you informed every step of the way and explain in a very easy to understand way what is going on. Don’t go it alone when dealing with the IRS.

Josh G., Colorado

Mike Wallen helped us get a $60k tax debt down to about $3k. We ended up paying more for his fee by about $1,000, but even when you add that to the debt we settled, we paid about $8k total. Really helped us start over. Highly recommended.

Mary M., Colorado

I wish there was a 10-star option as I would not hesitate to assign it to the Highland Tax Group. Mike Wallen & his assistant, Megan Scott, were absolutely phenomenal in every aspect of this journey. Learning about OIC’s through lots of scam postcards & phone calls I was receiving, I went searching online for a local firm to represent me. Immediately, the high degree of professionalism and information I found on the internet for The Highland Tax Group along with raving reviews, inspired me to reach out to them last year to begin the process. Today I got a call after many months that the OIC (Offer in Compromise) was accepted. This is such a celebration (and on tax day) and a huge relief!! I had no idea how I would ever have paid off my past taxes as a single mother that were accumulating over the years and the payment plan I had been on was barely chipping away at the interest. I had no idea this program was available and am so very grateful it is and for Mike Wallen, Megan Scott and The Highland Tax Group. They were highly professional, extremely knowledgeable in this process and very quick to return any emails or calls and hold my hand through the process. I couldn’t have done it without them. I highly highly recommend them for you or someone you may know who owes past taxes and is looking at all possible options. I am overjoyed! It is a happy happy April 15th Tax Day here for me! Thank you Mike & Megan! Truly truly grateful!

Bill C., California

Mike at Highland Tax Group advised I file for bankruptcy since this was the BEST route to handle my case. Even though he couldn’t directly impact the tax liability, he steered me in the right direction.

Virginia S., Colorado

Mike and his team were very knowledgeable and communicative through my whole experience of working with them. Definitely helped ease my worries and took care of everything. Thank you!

Matt K., Colorado

It’s been great to work with Mike and his team. Appreciate that they were responsive, transparent, and kept me in the loop on each development.

Javier M., Colorado

If you’re having tax problems, I would highly recommend seeking out the services of Mike Wallen and Megan Scott with the Highland Tax Group, Inc. I have known Mike for the last 6 months and can attest to his level of professionalism, candor, knowledge, and expertise concerning IRS matters. If you’re looking for help with your tax issues, look no further than the Highland Tax Group, Inc.

Alfred T., Colorado

Mike is great! I had a personal tax obligation from a past business of roughly 175K and Mike and his team were able to reduce it to 45K with an offer in compromise. I would highly recommend Highland Tax Group Inc. to anyone with tax issues. Thanks again Mike!

Rebecca C., Colorado

Highland Tax Group is amazing to work with. They helped our struggling company solve some very difficult IRS issues. Megan was responsive, polite, professional, and sensitive to our particular situation. I highly recommend this company if you find yourself facing penalties from the IRS. Thank you, Highland Tax Group!