Mike H., Colorado

Mike and his people are the best accountant teams here in Colorado. Would highly recommend Mike and the Highland Tax Group. He was very responsive and started to help us immediately. Advice he provided actually saved us money a few times as we were working with the IRS.

Frank P., Illinois

Mike Wallen and the Highland Tax Group team have successfully resolved a number of IRS and state agency problems for us over the past several years and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of service provided to our industrial painting business. Completely professional and efficient, they achieved results for us that would have been impossible had we tried to tackle our problems on our own. Mike Wallen and Megan Scott were always available and attentive to our concerns, and the level of communication was peerless. Of particular value to us is Mike’s awareness that small business people often have no one else to talk things over with, and his willingness to sometimes just be a sounding board and listen is of great value. We will continue to use Highland Tax Group with confidence for all of our IRS and state agency special needs, as well as financial consulting input. We highly recommend them.

Kim K., Colorado

Highland Tax Group, Inc. handled my husband’s tax resolution case, and was able to get penalties abated which resulted in a cost savings for us. We could not have been happier with their response time to questions/concerns and their professionalism. Mike, the President of Highland Tax Group, Inc., has been in the business for years and knows how to deal with the IRS, and it shows.

Pamela R., Texas

Mike and his team minimize the stress and emotion related to resolving outstanding debt owed to the IRS. He and his team kept me informed on every interaction with the IRS and consistently provided next steps and timelines which was very reassuring. They will work with your individual circumstances to resolve the issue. I highly recommend the Highland Tax Group.

Matt A., Colorado

I’ve been using the Highland Tax Group for several years now. They are an extremely attentive, knowledgeable, and professional group of people. They will walk you through your situation, and give you honest assessments weighing the pros and cons of each decision. If they can’t perform the service, they have a network of people who can help and will steer you in the right direction.

Jose R., Colorado

Mike at Highland Tax Group has been great to deal with, from start to finish. Mike was able to take on and help with a stressful situation of dealing with Colorado Department Revenue for business taxes. He has lifted a burden of my shoulders by dealing with the state directly on our behalf. Mike and Megan always kept me updated and continue to support our business needs. I’m glad that Highland Tax Group was my first call and they’ll continue to be my go to for any future assistance we might need.

Paul and Carey M. – Colorado

Mike and his team at Highland Tax Group, Inc. were wonderful to work with in relation to our outstanding back tax issue. Mike and his team were compassionate, understanding, and explained every step of the process along the way. We never felt left in the dark related to the IRS issue at hand. He even negotiated a much lower payment plan with the IRS recently due to the changes related to Covid19. We would highly recommend anyone dealing with an IRS problem to hire Highland Tax Group, Inc.

Joe R., Utah

We are moving along in getting all of our taxes back on track. I want to thank Mike and Megan for all of your help. Megan has been friendly, helpful and very responsive and could not have done it without the two of you! If you are looking for an honest talk about how to help and best way to move forward, I would give Highland Tax Group a call first before all others. Don’t waste your time with others who will tell you things that will most likely not happen.

Carmen B., Colorado

I reached out to Mike at Highlands Tax Group a couple years ago. Scared that I would lose everything. The business went through an audit, turning everything in. Mike continually stayed in communication with me, helping me through the scariest time. In the end the business didn’t have to pay anything!! The team is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate.

Jonathan T., Colorado

Megan, you are SO awesome! You have done a fabulous job of circumventing the IRS issues I was up against. This work is certainly not in my skill set! The level of client communication and overall professionalism from Highland Tax Group, Inc. has been a refreshing experience