Robbin R., Colorado

Mike Wallen was instrumental in helping me set up a payment agreement with the IRS when I didn’t know how to deal with them. He has been conscientious, concerned, and compassionate when I was forced out of my home by the 2013 flood, and overwhelmed by all paperwork. I not only got the IRS taken care of at a reasonable rate, I believe I found a GOOD PERSON in in the world. And that is becoming a rare find.

Larry C., Colorado

Mike stood by my wife and I over the last couple of years and helped us at every step to resolve a long standing tax issue from a business that had closed some ten years ago. We highly recommend him for any and all tax problems anyone has. Thanks again to Mike and his staff.

Rebecca C., Arkansas

Nobody wants an issue with the IRS but when you have one, there is a solution with Mike Wallen. Our small business situation was grave to us but Mike brought a calm solution to the table and we were in excellent hands. Mike represented us to the IRS and the stress of what was something horrible became manageable and ultimately resolved, thanks to Mike Wallen.

Paula B., Colorado

We hired Highland Tax Group, Inc. after discovering a $70,000 lien on my wife’s house due to her ex-husband’s failure to pay their joint tax debt in 2005. At first we were apprehensive about hiring a tax resolution company. You hear about tax resolution companies and their ability to help you, however, they take your money without obtaining concrete results. We tried working with the IRS on our own and were not able to obtain clear cut information concerning the debt. In addition to the tax liability we were dealing with other issues including the loss of close family members. To say dealing with our tax liability has been a roller coaster would be an understatement. Our situation changed when we hired HTG. HTG took the pressure off of us by dealing with the IRS directly. HTG also kept us in the loop about what was going on. Mike was great about constantly keeping in touch with us throughout the entire process. He reassured us he would find a reasonable solution to our tax problem to not only resolve the issue, but do so keeping our short term and long term financial goals in mind. At the time we hired HTG, we owed the IRS over $70,000. Mike was able to settle our account with the IRS for $2,600.00. This allowed us to sell a piece of property that previously, with the lien against it, we were unable to sell or even re-finance. We not only sold the home but were able to pocket close to $50,000 from the sale after the IRS lien was released. We never would have been able to do this without Mike’s help. We want to let others understand the predicament we were in and how grateful we are to Mike and HTG for helping us through this process.

Bret H., Colorado

Mike Wallen saved us thousands of dollars in back taxes and saved us the stress of negotiating with the IRS. We appreciate the work he has done for us at a reasonable cost. We would highly recommend his tax service to anyone who has IRS problems!

Sunshine Cleaning Services, Inc., Colorado

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Mike Wallen at Highland Tax Group, Inc. for all of his assistance on my Workers’ Compensation issue for Sunshine Cleaning Services.  As a small business owner, the rules and regulations related to employees is a confusing maze.  I obviously did not completely understand what was required by the Department of Labor.  With his help, the Colorado Department of Labor arrived as a reasonable settlement for the amounts my company owed from several previous years. I could not have done the negotiation and resolution work without Mike.  It took a load off of my mind and I was very pleased with the outcome. Please know I would be happy to provide a reference for anyone undergoing workers’ compensation issues or any other tax issue for that matter. Thanks Mike!

Cory S., Colorado

Mike Wallen literally changed my life.  About seven years ago, I made the “WONDERFUL” decision to follow some advice from a “friend”, and start claiming extra dependents on my taxes.  To make a long story short, that decision led to more poor decisions, uncertainty and fear.   I stopped filing taxes altogether.   Before you know it, the IRS was beating down my door.  Seven years of unfiled taxes.  Seven years of dodging  phone calls.  Seven years of wondering when my wages would be garnished, when my assets would be seized, when the possibility of jail time would arise.   I knew that I had to get it taken care of, but the fear of the unknown, lack of understanding, and legal consequences pushed me farther and farther from a solution.   I was scared!  My moral roots were being challenged on a daily basis, as I was living a lie.  THEN INSERT MIKE WALLEN with Highland Tax Group!!  WIthin minutes of meeting him, sweet relief and hope began to wash over me.   By the end of the first consultation, I had a firm understanding of my situation, and the steps needed to attain resolution for both the Federal and State filings.   Over the course of the next month, Mike was in constant contact with me, keeping me abreast of exactly what our schedule entailed, and what he was doing to mitigate my mistakes.  All of that fear and worry went out the window.  All of those dreaded phone calls and letters stopped.  I had, on my side, a person who deals with the IRS on a daily basis, has a wealth of knowledge and experience at his fingertips, and knows how to get things done.  Not once, did I have to contact ANYONE other than Mike Wallen, while the entire process was worked through.  A month later, he had worked his incredible magic, and I was on a payment plan with both entities.  Mike went to bat for me, figured out exactly what I was comfortable paying monthly, and started my plan accordingly.  Dealing with my IRS and State problem was so much easier than I could have ever imagined.   He’s followed up with me on numerous occasions to make sure that everything is aligning properly, and not ONCE have I personally heard from either the State or Federal government with anything except payment vouchers.   The piece of mind, time, and overall homeostasis that Mike has brought back to my life is invaluable, and I will forever be grateful for the service that he provides.  If you’ve been waiting to do something, don’t spend another minute of your life in fear of what could happen.  Call Mike with Highland Tax Group, Inc. They will go to bat for you!!

Jeremy B., Colorado

I would proudly recommend Mike Wallen and Highland Tax Group to anyone with IRS issues.  I am a failed business owner and the tax implications were much scarier and higher than I had planned on. When the time came to face the IRS, I went out and interviewed 3 tax attorneys/Enrolled Agents to represent me through this crisis.  I was the most confident with Mike, and Highland Tax Group, because of his professionalism, open communication, informative processes, and willingness to work with my specific needs as I requested.  In other words he didn’t demand a large up front sum to get started and then keep everything behind closed doors.  I hope I never need Mikes services again, but if I do I will be sure to call him. Thanks Mike!

Eugene M., Colorado

I had a very large tax problem stemming from a business I owned.  I couldn’t pay the balance due and didn’t know what to do.  I began working with Mike at Highland Tax Group and he was able to successfully represent me before not only the State of Colorado taxing authorities but also the IRS.  The State of Colorado was garnishing my wages and I couldn’t afford to pay my bills.  After Mike went down to the State of Colorado in person, he was able to get my garnishment reduced to something I could afford! On the other end of things, my IRS problem was vast and growing but Mike assured me we could provide financial information and a proposal to successfully settle on my account. My financial status isn’t great and we decided an offer in compromise would be the best strategy.  We were able to settle for far less than what was owed and I was already able to pay it off! I can now get back to building my finances back up and providing a life for myself. Mike always provided comfort and a sense of security knowing he was handling the problem regardless of the stress involved. I would highly recommend Mike at Highland Tax Group to anyone with State or IRS tax issues. Thanks Mike!!

Kevin M., California

I contacted Mike Wallen from Highland Tax Resolution as a referral form a friend to help with our Federal IRS issues. We had tried to handle the issue ourselves and after countless hours on the phone, we had gotten nowhere, and they were threatening to seize funds from our bank account. We had state tax issues as well, but Mike felt that we could handle that without his help, and we did. Mike got us a temporary hold on the Federal taxes until we could get our paperwork in for a payment plan. He was flexible with his fee and helped us get everything turned in, even when we were dragging our feet. He was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. We got on the payment plan and everything is on track. Like most people, I dislike dealing with the IRS, but when working with Mike, we didn’t have to. I would absolutely refer him to anyone dealing with back taxes or payment plans. I would also use him again if I have any further or more complicated issues. Hopefully I won’t!