Brian P., Colorado

Mike Wallen was a huge help for me. I was searching for some tax advice and Mike not only responded quickly but also took the time to review my situation for free. In the end, I was able to handle it on my own but Mike’s help and advice were extremely helpful. I would recommend him and Highland Tax Group to anyone of my friends or family.

Selena P., Colorado

I was referred to Mike Wallen with Highland Tax Group through my tax advisor, who assured me that Mike would be the solution to my compounding tax problem. IRS problems can be very daunting and I was literally losing sleep over the constant worry of how I was going to deal with this nightmare. I was on a payment plan with the IRS trying to pay off back taxes, which seemed like a never ending battle because of penalties and interest accruing on the account.  To make matters worse, I lost my job in 2012, so my 401K loan defaulted. When I filed my taxes for 2012, I was penalized heavily for my defaulted 401K loan and the unpaid loan amount was considered ordinary income, pushing me into a higher tax bracket, so the amount of taxes I ended up owing for 2012 was astronomical. After I lost my job, I returned to school to reinvent myself, so I was making very little money and was faced with a tax bill I knew I could not pay back anytime soon. With much trepidation, because of shame and embarrassment, I finally contacted HTG to schedule my initial consultation. My first meeting with Mike Wallen and his associate, Kim Wallen, gave me some sense of hope and I felt a little more at ease because I knew my problem was something that HTG could handle. Mike and Kim were respectful, polite, professional and very knowledgeable, and I knew I was in good hands. After some work on my part gathering documentation and filling out the necessary paperwork, HTG worked their magic, and within less than a year, I received my offer from the IRS, one that I could definitely rest easy with. I would highly recommend Mike of Highland Tax Group to anyone that is in need of such services. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing some sense of peace back to my life.

Teddi Ann B., Colorado

Mike Wallen of the the Highland Tax Group, Inc. is a top notch professional. With his compassion for the client and high quality knowledge of what can and cannot be done, I knew I would be taken care of to the best of his ability. Not only did Mr. Wallen mitigate thousands from my tax bill, he was amazing with follow up, follow through, and genuine care and concern throughout our time together. I share his name with any and all of my friends and clients who may need his help and am so thankful for his accomplishments and work with me. Thank you Mike Wallen!

Carrie A., Colorado

Poor tax reporting landed me in an IRS audit.  I was introduced to Mike Wallen and the Highland Tax Group through my CPA hired to help me through the recovery.  I was impressed by Mike Wallen from our initial meeting.  He was honest and direct about the services his firm could provide together with his fees and what he expected from his clients.  He has never wavered.   To date, Mike Wallen has been successful assisting me with the IRS and counseling me through this challenge.  If you are experiencing difficulty with the IRS or the State, I strongly suggest you contact the Highland Tax Group. His professionalism and personal attention to his clients joined with keeping to his word on every level is not only refreshing is it reassuring.  

Peter A., Colorado

We were referred to Highland from a trusted advisor. Ron listened carefully to our problem and referred another advisor that could meet our needs better. As a result we saved a HUGE amount of money on our tax bill. Highland Tax Group practices customer service for long term sustainability, which is rare these days. That is why as Business Consultants we recommend Highland Tax Group as we we feel they are to be Trusted. What a concept in this day and age. Trust. Thanks Ron & Mike.

Bret and Victoria H., Colorado

My wife and I were very upset and didn’t know where to turn when the IRS was forcing us to pay a tax liability of $15,000. Subsequently, the IRS filed a lien on our house.We were refereed to Mike Wallen and he reassured us and gave us hope that this lien would be resolved. Mike set the expectation from the onset that removing the IRS lien would take hard work and effort. However, we were ready to get the issue taken care of! Mike and HTG set us up on a payment plan in order to have the lien removed. We were relieved and happy the IRS lien and tax issue was taken care of without a lot of headaches and sleepless nights. My wife and I would definitely use Mike Wallen and HTG again for tax resolution!Bret and Victoria H., Colorado

Kelly L., Kansas

Thank you so much for getting my parents IRS bill resolved. You worked for months with my uncle, Richard, to reach a settlement for them. My mother recently passed and having this tax issue finally resolved is a huge worry off his mind. Thank you so very much. Kelly.

Richard H., Oregon

I have been working with Highland Tax Group for the last 8 months trying to solve some problems with the IRS. They have been very good at keeping me informed on the process and in explaining what will likely happen next. I am so glad I found them and they get my highest recommendation.

Martin O., Colorado

My name is Martin. I currently own a roofing company and operate out of Greeley, Colorado. I am writing this testimonial for Mike Wallen with Highland Tax Group. I met with Mike last year to assist me with my tax issues. I had a $70,000 tax liability stemming from an identity theft issue. In other words, I filed my return, received a refund, and then received an IRS bill for $70,000 because someone else had stolen my identity. Mike was able to mitigate the entirety of the tax bill as well as the penalty and interest. Mike was nothing but helpful, friendly, and professional. He explained the process in simple terms for me. I was very content with his services. Please take into consideration my honest and humble opinion if looking to hire Mike to assist you with your tax issue.

Jon S., Colorado

Mike Wallen is fantastic. I had what many would call a minor tax issue. I had made an error using TurboTax’s Q&A filing and as a result the IRS was seeing data differently than what really occurred and was attempting to assess me as if I had more taxable income than I really did along with a penalty. As an accountant myself I likely could have handled it on my own and Mike even encouraged me to do so. That goes to Mike’s honesty and integrity in how he does conducts business. In addition, Mike and Highland Tax Group have developed a working relationship with the IRS, something the average taxpayer doesn’t have. Since the dollar impact to me would’ve been relatively large it was well worth it to let Mike and Highland Tax Group engage and solve my problems. In addition to the quality of the work Mike did for me it was also extremely timely. Other firms wanted to make appointments and have meetings which as you know all adds up to dollars for them. Mike and I worked everything by phone and email. I highly recommend Mike and his firm Highland Tax Group.