Christopher, California

We chose Mike Wallen over 3 different tax resolution companies. We were able to hear directly from 2 of his past clients, who shared their unsolicited, successful experience with Mike and his associates. My experience too has been a positive one. Mike has demonstrated to be prompt, thorough, and professional. If you have tax issues, Mike is well prepared to help.

Barbara St. John, Colorado

Mike Wallen has had such a profound impact on my financial life. Mike was able to find an accountant in my area to help me file back taxes. He was also able to work with the IRS to set up a payment plan that worked with my monthly budget and have the lien removed from my credit report. Having Mike in my corner, listening and understanding the stress I have dealt with over the years without judgment, was the best part of this journey. If you have been putting this part of your life on hold, living in denial or frustrated because you have tried other Tax Companies and they didn’t help, I understand. Been there, done that. But if you are ready to make a change in your financial life and finally get rid of the burden of back taxes, call Mike. He will understand and he will help.

Doug, California

I found Mike Wallen through one of his existing clients. His client spoke highly of him and I was excited to get started on repairing the financial ruin that had set in due to the tax liability I was facing. Mike was professional and courteous and always responded to my needs.  When I had a question he was more than willing to advise me on the next steps I needed to take. Before I hired Mike with Highland Tax Group the IRS wanted a payment plan of over $500 monthly. After reviewing my financial situation Mike worked hard with me and the IRS to get me the lowest monthly payment plan available! I am currently paying $52 monthly. We are now considering filing for an offer in compromise. However, before we do Mike has advised me on how to improve my financial livelihood and still fall within the allowable financial categories the IRS sets forth. I will continue on my payment plan until my situation improves and I am confident Mike will steer me in the right direction.

Julie H., Colorado

Mike Wallen and Megan Scott at Highland Tax Group, Inc. helped me through one of the most stressful times in my life. Unfortunately, I have divorced and my ex-spouse left me with a very large tax liability to fix with threatening notices of liens. I wasn’t sure where to turn when I found Highland Tax Group, Inc. From the first day I met with Mike, he reassured me there was a fix to the problem and that he and his team would do his best to resolve the situation in my favor. Not only did they help to settle my nerves concerning my very daunting tax problem from the start, but also walked me through every step of the process, ensuring I was not left behind, or didn’t understand something. At the end of the day, Mike and Highland Tax Group, Inc. found I was not responsible for the unpaid IRS tax debt, and so did the IRS. I was granted FULL innocent spouse relief on the entirety of the IRS bill. Mike and team – I couldn’t be more thankful for all you have done for me and my family. This was the last piece of the puzzle I needed to resolve, and I can now get back to living my life with a sense of peace and security. I would highly recommend Highland Tax Group, Inc. if you’re dealing with a IRS problem you don’t fully understand or don’t feel responsible for, they are the best!!

Mark C., Colorado

After struggling to deal with the IRS directly I was referred to Highland Tax Group by a satisfied friend. The service here is efficient and comprehensive. Everything was clearly laid out and explained so that I had no worries things were in the best hands. The results were incredible and the amount of money they saved me from paying was well worth the time and commitment. If you have a delinquent tax problem this is the place to go!

Robert C., Colorado

Mike at Highland advised I file for bankruptcy since this was the BEST route to handle my case. Even though he couldn’t directly impact the tax liability, he steered me in the right direction

Brittany B., Colorado

Few professionals can do what Mike can. Mike’s specialization in this work of IRS and tax resolution are unparalleled when you need a dependable expert the most. As a colleague, I see how Mike’s kind nature helps balance the intensity of his clients’ experiences, offering both keen confidence and care. You truly can trust in him.

Lisa P., Colorado

Mike Walden is a star. Amazing customer service! Based on all the stellar reviews, I contacted him (and we did talk almost immediately…wow), and even though he couldn’t help with my particular situation, he offered the name of someone else who could. A couple of months later, I hit him up again with a different situation. Still couldn’t help (I definitely appreciate his honesty), but once again he had two names of pros for me. And he remembered me without prompting…I have had contractors I paid big bucks to who forgot me almost immediately. Nice, huh? When our transaction was completed, he followed up to make sure I was taken care of, and later sent me the link to a business article pertinent to my case. Please don’t take advantage of him and hit him up with random questions. Instead, study his website…and if you’re both in the same ballpark, grab your phone and give him a call. Bet you’ll be happy you did.

Kimberly P., Texas

Mike and his team did a great job for my mom. I Highly recommend Highland Tax Group!

Douglas C., Colorado

“I met first met Mike Wallen a couple years ago at a business networking group. Besides, being personable and great guy, I could tell right away he was well-versed in tax resolution issues.Then year, I hired Mike to help fix an IRS debacle from 2016. If anyone has tried to do this on their own, they known what a tangled web of bureaucracy the IRS is. Mike resolved in a few short communications what I had been trying to resolve with the IRS for 18 months. He also kept me updated in writing and by phone the entire time. He is a true professional. I recommend Mike and his team to anyone who comes across an IRS or other tax resolution issue.”