Cindi J., Colorado

I have very much enjoyed working with Mr. Mike Wallen of Highland Tax Group, Inc.  He came very highly recommended to me and he has earned that recommendation.  Mike is a very talented, straight forward professional and carries with him a sense of caring and kindness as it relates to his work.  He did thorough research for my case and took as much time as I needed to understand my tax situation.  Also, his fees are exceptionally reasonable.  I would recommended him to anyone seeking tax liability assistance.

Timothy A., Colorado

I consider myself lucky to have found Highland Tax Group, Inc. Mike immediately took control of a situation where I felt helpless. I couldn’t be more happy about the end results! He was able to take my $32,000 IRS debt and settle for less than $1,500 dollars. That is amazing, right? Mike had even set up a payment plan for me concerning the fees to Highland Tax Group, Inc., so I was able to still provide for my family and take care of this nightmare. The Offer and Compromise process does take time to complete, however, I never felt alone during this stressful situation. Mike was always in contact with me concerning the next steps. If you have tax problems and want the best professional help call Mike! I’m now able to move on with my life because of Highland Tax Group Inc. Thank You So Much!!!!!

Michalyn R., Colorado

Highland Tax Group, Inc. has gone above and beyond to help me with my tax situation.  It is not often I compliment a company for doing their job, isn’t that what their supposed to do? In this case Mike Wallen went above and beyond. The average working person has no clue when it comes to the IRS. He took control of my complicated dealings with them, worked out a solution, and set me up to succeed. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who desires the help of a highly skilled professional who also has a terrific personality. Mike will take great care of you.

Marcelo S., California

Where do I start? Mike Wallen at Highland Tax Group, Inc. has been incredible. I found him online and was a little skeptical about using a company that was in Denver, Colorado, with us being located in California. However, since day one he has been straight with us about what issues we were facing and how to handle them. Mike didn’t make any broken promises and was always there when we needed him. He got us on an incredible payment plan and stopped all levies, liens, and all the burdensome issues that come along when you or your business owe tax debt. Trust me when I say this, we owed a lot! I have referred him several customers and will continue to do so. When you need good honest help with tax issues, no matter how large or small, call Mike Wallen at Highland Tax Group, Inc., he will take care of you, guaranteed!!!

Alex K., California

Mike Wallen with Highland Tax Group helped me challenge amounts I owed for two tax years. I wasn’t sure if that was even an option before I spoke with Mike, and after several attempts to reach the IRS by phone myself (which is impossible, the number provided on the notices only sent me to a message with no option to talk to the IRS), I reached out to Highland Tax. Not only did the amounts I owed for two years get reduced after working with Mike due to sending in  proof of interest paid on my mortgage, but he obtained extensions on my behalf to get me more time to send the IRS the information as I was having a difficult time getting a hold of the mortgage company.He took care of the issue right before Thanksgiving to ensure the IRS deadline was not missed. Mike is very knowledgeable about tax issues and I appreciated his help greatly.

Larry R., Colorado

Mike was referred to me by my tax accountant as they had attended a continuing education class together. She was thoroughly impressed by his background and knowledge of tax matters. I have been happy with the service and the prompt responses every time I have had a question or concern. He took the time and made the trip to meet with my wife and I at a location of our choosing. He was very thorough with us regarding the details of what we needed to do to resolve a very complicated and potentially disastrous tax situation. He has helped us beyond measure. I highly recommend him.

Robert Montano, Pennsylvania

Highland Tax Group helped my wife and I get through our tax problems that have plagued us for the last three years from both state and federal IRS issues. Highland took us from a situation of desperation and not knowing what was going to happen to us, to a situation of having control of the outcome and working with the IRS. We no longer fear our wages and bank accounts being garnished or our belongings being taken to satisfy the tax burden. Highland Tax Group was able to have some penalties removed from our tax burden through negotiation. This amount saved added up to more than Highland’s service fees so we came out with a positive outcome personally and economically. I would highly recommend Highland Tax Group to help with any tax concerns that you might have. Thanks Highland!

Robbin R., Colorado

Highland Tax Group, Inc. gave me the peace of mind I needed. Effectively, Mike provided me with an umbrella to hold over my head so I could deal with my IRS difficulties. Mike has kept me apprised at each step of the process, and he has given me the confidence that I need to weather the storm. My IRS problem would be a huge burden on my life without Mike available to coach me through the process! He has allowed me to live my life without disruption.

Michael, Colorado

I had a minor tax delinquency from a few years ago that was brought to my attention in 2013. Mike handled this case efficiently and was able to get my late penalties waived while providing me with several options for repayment to the IRS that fit my budget. Most important of all, I was able to focus on my daily profession without this distraction — knowing that the case was being handled in a professional matter on my own behalf.

John, Texas

Mr. Wallen has been nothing but professional, kind, and empathetic concerning my situation. When I came to Mr. Wallen he was able to assist me with a problem that was too overwhelming for even my attorney to handle. However, as an Enrolled Agent, Mr. Wallen of Highland Tax Group, Inc. specializes in handling IRS liability. That is exactly what he did. He took $100,000 tax liability and narrowed it down to something affordable for me. He kept my wife out of the situation as she was not responsible for the tax I accrued. More importantly he was able to get my life back on track. He negotiated and represented me before the IRS until my balance due was zero. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone going through the stress of owing the IRS.