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Under What Circumstances Will the IRS Cancel Penalties And Fees?

Your IRS situation feels overwhelming enough as is, but what if you’re assessed penalties on top of already owed taxes? These fees can quickly cause your tax debt to spiral out of control. All hope is not lost, however. In many cases, the IRS is willing to cancel all or a portion of assessed penalties, […]

What Is the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights? Why Does It Matter?

At first glance, the IRS seems to hold unlimited power. Get on the agency’s wrong side, and you could suffer huge fees, liens, or in severe cases, the potential for jail time. These penalties may seem harsh, but they can’t be imposed at random. As a taxpayer, you hold far more control than you think, […]

Should You Take Out a Loan to Pay an IRS Debt?

Is your federal tax bill stressing you out? Your anxiety is perfectly understandable, but it could cause you to make financial decisions that aren’t in your best interest. Loans, for example, while appearing to provide quick relief, could leave you trapped in a cycle of debt that is inherently difficult to escape. Every situation differs, […]

What Is the IRS Fresh Start Program — And Could You Qualify?

Tax debt has a way of spiraling out of control. Penalties and interest add up quickly, leading to huge bills and a great deal of accompanying stress. Thankfully, relief may be more accessible than it seems. The IRS Fresh Start program could provide a much-needed path out of your current tax nightmare. What Is the […]

Owe the IRS More Than $30,000? How to Stop the Bleeding and Regain Control

Any amount of tax debt can cause significant stress, but the burden is especially painful when your obligation reaches five figures. Between late filing fees, late payment penalties, and interest compounded daily, your debt can add up quickly, making it almost impossible to handle financial essentials from other areas of your life. Unfortunately, in the […]

How Does Someone Become an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agents provide a variety of valuable services for taxpayers struggling to deal with complex IRS issues. From installment payments to audits, their services cover the most burdensome elements of dealing with the IRS. Success is not possible without extensive training, as highlighted below: Special Enrollment Examination This rigorous three-part exam covers tax issues covers […]

About Highland Tax Group, Inc. Your Denver Tax Resolution Specialists

About HTG Highland Tax Group, Inc. was founded with the intention of helping others with their IRS tax problem or IRS tax audit. We have helped many clients resolve their IRS tax issues so they can get back to living their lives with a sense of peace, harmony, and security.  We offer Tax Resolution Services, […]

What Is the Special Enrollment Examination? Why Does It Matter?

Becoming an enrolled agent is far from easy. This field requires an extensive understanding of IRS policies and procedures. Additionally, agents must be able to advocate assertively while also providing patient guidance for struggling taxpayers. Following extensive preparation, aspiring enrolled agents must complete one final hurdle: passing all three sections of the Special Enrollment Examination. […]

What Impact Does IRS Debt Have on Your Credit?

Tax debt can hold far-reaching consequences, and we’re not just talking about interest or long-term installment payments. If you continually neglect to pay up, penalties imposed by the IRS could damage your credit. The good news? The mere presence of IRS debt doesn’t immediately harm your credit score. How you deal with existing debt will […]

Don’t Meet with the IRS — Hire Us

In an environment in which the very mention of the IRS can incite extreme fear or anxiety, the urge to ignore serious tax issues is perfectly understandable. By the time you decide to tackle these concerns, you may face difficult negotiations with the IRS. When that fateful day arrives, you can take solace in knowing […]