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IRS Pays Bonuses Regardless of Tax Due

The article below is interesting enough.  Please note what a lot of people don’t understand is the IRS has to go through all of their processes to collect against an outstanding tax bill.  Therefore, if the employee is set up on a payment plan, or being garnished monthly, this wouldn’t be accounted for in the […]

8 Things to Remember About IRS Penalties

The IRS tacks on penalties and interest on unpaid tax. Your IRS tax burden can increase quickly over a very small period of time. Best to pay the liability in full if you can. However, if you cannot pay your IRS liability in full, Highland Tax Group can and will assist you with your burden. […]

IRS Tax Debt Reduction Leads to Savings of $115,000!

Every so often we manage to assist clients in the reduction of their IRS tax debt reduction.  We use several different methods to complete the task.  Today’s blog post is in direct reference to a Civil Penalty assessed against a business under Internal Revenue Code Section 6671 and 6751 (d).  The penalty is due to […]

IRS Tax Penalty?

Have you been assessed an IRS tax penalty? Did you pay your tax return late, fail to pay your tax, failed to remit tax deposits timely, or simply don’t know what to do when it comes to your IRS tax penalty? Good news, we are going to give a brief overview of the first time […]