COVID Information



  • We are conducting a Covid19 questionnaire (link here to the questionnaire) 3 business days prior to each in-person meeting. 
  • We are requiring temperature checks upon arrival.
  • We are requiring the wearing of masks during our appointments with clients or vendors.
  • We are requiring the use of hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • We sanitize every surface in between appointments.
  • We will ask if you have had the Covid19 Vaccine yet.
  • If you have been vaccinated, you will not need to wear a mask while in our office. 
  • You may be required to disclose your Covid19 Vaccination Card prior to our appointment 


  • All of our employees have been vaccinated
  • As employees we use hand sanitizer each time, we enter the suite.
  • We take temperature checks daily.
  • We wash our hands for at least 20 seconds each time we use the restrooms.
  • We “check-in” with each employee and if someone is feeling ill, we work from home or stay home to rest.

Our safety, your safety, and the safety of others in our office building and community are our #1 concern as we navigate these trying times. Please call for an appointment with our office and one of our friendly staff members will guide you through the steps to take to begin resolving your IRS issue.