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How Do You Pay Taxes on Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency? What Happens If You Don’t?

New technologies deliver an array of exciting opportunities, but they can also come accompanied by significant challenges — including, more often than not, tax issues. This is certainly true of the cryptocurrency market, which has seen its fair share of tax drama in recent years. The sooner you get a handle on crypto taxes, the […]

The Latest IRS Guidance on Cryptocurrency Taxes: How Will It Impact the Crypto Community?

Death and taxes may technically be the only constants in life, but even taxes can see numerous changes in a short period of time. Such has proven the case with cryptocurrency taxes, which bring new complications to an already confusing process. Previously, crypto miners and traders were forced to muddle through the process in hopes […]

IRS Teams Going After Cryptocurrency Tax Evaders: What You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency once seemed like a safe haven from the complications of the IRS, but all that has changed. While miners and traders have technically always been responsible for reporting gains on their taxes, the IRS has only recently started cracking down. Worried about your future as a crypto trader? By keeping in the know, you […]

Bitcoin Tax FAQs

The old cliché referencing death and taxes as the only constants in life may, unfortunately, apply to the modern cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin and other forms of crypto can be taxable in many circumstances. When in doubt: if you’ve generated any income with virtual currency, you probably owe taxes on that income. Still confused? You’ll find answers […]

Paying Taxes on Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know — The Critical Basics

Crypto has its ups and downs, but there’s no denying that it holds huge potential as a currency and investment opportunity. Unfortunately, as with any income source, you’ll eventually lose some of your profit to taxation. Determining taxes can be tricky in the crypto world — and the consequences for not paying up can be […]