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How to Prevent IRS Employment Tax Problems: Insights and Resources

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure clearly applies to business tax debt. This problem is highly avoidable, even for businesses facing severe financial hurdles. Thorough Record-Keeping Haphazard records cause a world of trouble, especially for small business owners. The IRS recommends retaining payroll tax records for at least four years after […]

Huge Employment Tax Issues With the IRS? Should You Just Shut Your Business Down?

Your failure to pay employment taxes has come back to haunt you. Whether you’re currently facing tax debt, a tax lien, or criminal proceedings, you’re worried about the future of your business. Like many business owners facing tax issues, you’ve thought more than once about closing your company for good. Is this a realistic solution? […]

6 IRS Tax Issues That Cause Big Headaches for the Self-Employed

Taxes are a huge hassle for self-employed individuals, but many IRS tax issues can be avoided through advance preparation. Keep the following considerations in mind year-round as you prepare for the most pain-free tax season possible: Choosing the Right Form. Self-employed professionals often struggle to determine whether Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ is appropriate. Schedule C-EZ […]