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You’re Too Sick to Work But Owe the IRS a Lot of Money: What Are Your Options?

From sick days to SSDI, many Americans miss out on much-needed income due to severe medical conditions. This can impart significant financial stress, particularly for those already dealing with tax debt. Thankfully, the IRS offers options such as penalty relief and installment plan adjustments to help taxpayers focus on recovery. Adjusting Your Installment Plan The […]

How Much Do You Owe the IRS? Here’s How to Check

You’re convinced that you’re behind on your taxes, but not sure what you owe. While any back taxes should be cause for concern, the urgency of the matter can vary drastically based on how much you owe. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a mystery; the IRS provides plenty of opportunities to determine what you […]

You Just Filed Your Taxes and You Owe a LOT of Money: Now What?

Realizing you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money can be scary and stressful. Still, you don’t want your tax issues to get any worse, so getting a plan of action in order is essential. First of all, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and approach the situation with a clear head, so you can […]

12 of the Biggest Tax Cheats in History, And Why They Need IRS Tax Relief – Part 2

In Part I, we looked at six of the biggest tax debts in history, and why they need IRS tax relief. We’ll take a look at six more in Part II, picking up where we left off from last week’s post which can be read HERE.  Edward and Elaine Brown, Dental and Pest Business Owners The […]