UPDATE: IRS Unveils New People First Initiative

We hope you’re doing well and staying safe during the quarantine measures we’ve been asked to implement. Remember, getting plenty of fresh air, sun, good food, and sleep are crucial to staying healthy. Oh, don’t forget to brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash (you’re welcome dentists!). Keeping a clean and healthy mouth is always […]

What’s Next: Government Help as Coronavirus Virus Crisis Grows

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rattle the US economy with the stock market riding a rollercoaster of constantly breaking news. And while other countries like China have battled this crisis for months now, it can be risky to compare countries with such different economies to what exactly will happen in the US. With the global […]

Steps the IRS is Taking During the Coronavirus Crisis: Small Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic is sending shock waves through the US economy, leaving taxpayers with many questions—especially as we approach traditional tax time. In response to the rapidly evolving crisis over the coronavirus, the IRS has created a website to help taxpayers and small business owners navigate uncertain times. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees can […]

How Will the Coronavirus Impact Business and Personal Tax Filing?

With the coronavirus spreading unimpeded through the United States from Florida to California, we’re all dogged by questions. How will this affect the economy? Our retirement? Our businesses? And, given the timing of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s worth asking another question. How will it affect tax season? When to File This date has been a […]

HTG Policies In Relation to Covid19

We are monitoring the statements on Coronavirus (COVID-19) being issued by local health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) and will follow guidelines set forth by those agencies as we continue to operate. However, as the President and Founder of Highland Tax Group, Inc. I have […]

Meeting With the IRS: What Not to Do or Say

Few interactions in life are as nerve-wracking as meeting with the IRS. Thankfully, most correspondence occurs via snail mail. When, however, an in-person meeting proves necessary, what you say — or don’t say — can determine a lot about your future tax situation. Hence, the importance of following these critical guidelines: Be Honest No matter […]

Your Installment Payment Is Too Difficult to Pay Down: What Are Your Options Now?

You held only the best intentions when you sought an installment plan with the IRS. Unfortunately, you have since discovered that your installments are too high for you to realistically handle. This is a terrifying discovery — fail to pay up, and you could be in for big trouble with the IRS. Thankfully, options are […]

How to Help Your Enrolled Agent Help You

You’re stuck in a difficult tax situation and not sure how you can possibly find a solution on your own. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. An enrolled agent can guide you through every step of the process. Unfortunately, you aren’t absolved of all responsibility the moment you seek the services of an […]

Technologies That Could Transform the IRS Over the Course of the 2020s

The 2010s brought sweeping changes to every facet of technology — including taxation. These developments are only the beginning, however. We are on the cusp of a whole new era, in which emerging tech will transform how regularly people interact with the IRS. Recently, the IRS revealed a renewed commitment to developing and implementing the […]