Business Consulting

Figuring out taxes can be the bane of any business’s existence. Business taxes can be extremely complicated, and the laws are changing all the time. But you don’t have to be overwhelmed or broadsided. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as the saying goes. By being proactive with your business structure and tax planning, you can avoid a world of difficulties and headaches when it comes to your tax liabilities and other cash flow issues. The Highland Tax Group can help. We offer expert business consulting to make sure you’re positioned for success. 

How We Can Help Your Business

Our financial experts are well-versed in the most current tax laws regarding small to mid-sized businesses, as well as best practices for accounting and financial planning. We can help you in any or all of the following ways:

  • Evaluating your current business structure and financial situation to make sure they are aligned with your goals.
  • Helping you restructure your business, if necessary, to gain the best tax advantages.
  • Reviewing your tax returns and current tax practices to make sure you’re getting all available deductions and savings.
  • Expert tax planning so you keep up with payments and don’t get socked by huge tax bills.
  • Provide advice and expert representation to resolve any current tax problems you’re facing—and help you avoid these problems in the future.
  • Provide key accounting and financial planning advice to improve your cash flow, your revenues, and your profits.


If you own your own business and feel lost when it comes to figuring out your tax liabilities, let us help you. Let’s review your financial situation, your tax returns, and any additional items we may need to see if you qualify for savings. Many complicated factors must be taken into account before looking at a new business venture, especially when dealing with the IRS or state taxing authorities. Let us help you sort it all out. We can evaluate your situation to find the best tax position possible for your business. And if you have current tax issues, we will act as your representative to negotiate the best possible solutions with the IRS on your behalf. Contact us using the form below to see how we can help.

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