Consulting and Advisory

We will provide the service that best fits your needs, goals, and aspirations regarding your IRS tax issue or tax situation. We will analyze your most recent tax return to determine how any current tax changes apply, to be sure you’re withholding enough in taxes for the current year. We will work with you to be sure your business is set up and taxed correctly thus maximizing your tax savings.  All the while, we want you to do what you do best; whether it’s securing the next contract to build a home or listing your property in the hottest real estate market in town.  We know you are good at what you do. If there is a service we cannot provide regarding your IRS tax issue, or will not fit your needs, we will recommend someone.  We have developed relationships with Financing Companies, Bankers, Attorney’s, CPA’s, and other tax professionals to ensure we have a network of people to provide the best possible solution to fit our client’s needs.

Call us directly for a free consultation regarding your tax situation.

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