IRS Offer In Compromise

An IRS offer in compromise is a settlement you may qualify for as it relates to your IRS Liability. As far as an IRS offer in compromise is concerned, it is calculated by using your assets, liquidity, income to expense to determine discretionary income, as well as using a multiplier. We will complete a full financial analysis to see if you qualify for a reduction in your tax debt.

I had a very large tax problem stemming from a business I owned. My financial status isn’t great and we decided an offer in compromise would be the best strategy. We were able to settle for far less than what was owed and I was already able to pay it off! I can now get back to building my finances back up and providing a life for myself. Mike always provided comfort and a sense of security knowing he was handling the problem regardless of the stress involved.

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Offer In Compromise – Free Case Investigation

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Our Offer in Compromise Success Stories:

It’s hard to say anything related to taxes is an enjoyable experience, but this might qualify. I was referred to Mike Wallen and Highland Tax Group, Inc., as I was dealing with a complex tax situation with my parents. Mike was thorough and diligent in filing an offer in compromise and followed through with an appeal.