Don D., Tennessee

Highland Tax Group is a group of professionals who take the high road and know their business. They, like all Pros, know the ins and more importantly know the outs of your dilemmas. Entrepreneurs move into self-employment to separate ourselves from the rest in our profession. We do this because we know our jobs and our abilities, and have proven that by way of our service to our customers. However, sometimes we so caught up in our commitment to our customers with the quality of what we do, OUR JOBS, we fall short in our obligations, “to the business” thinking we can handle it all. We then push aside our obligations, and, THEN LIFE HAPPENS, and it’s difficult to get caught up afterward. In my circumstance, I fell short to tragedies… 3 floods, 1 fire, and losing my 28-year-old only son to an automobile accident. If not for Highland Tax Group and their expertise, asking the right questions and helping me to get the information organized in a way for them to help me, I would have surely lost everything to the IRS. Highland Tax Group, Inc. asked the right questions and hold you responsible and accountable for your own sake…. my father once told me if you’re in a position where you need a prizefighter, hire the best, and don’t tie their hands behind their backs, let them do their job. Mike Wallen with Highland Tax Group, Inc. was referred to me by my accountant, Troy Coon who for many years gained my trust and had my back, saw me in trouble, and couldn’t have given me better advice, than to talk with Mike.  I couldn’t have received better advice. It’s a process that will at times seem impossible… but have faith in Mike and Megan they are truly the pros that I will never again be without! I know we rate our engagement with people and business with stars, but there are not enough Stars I can give to the debt I owe these people. They truly care and will with your help (accountability), make the biggest difference in your dilemma.  In short, Mike and Megan helped me to be forgiven for 57,000 dollars of tax debt!

1. It didn’t start out that way, I truly only owed a fraction of that, but with interest and penalties and not knowing what to do….just like you…I needed to do something.
2. It became a mountain that I couldn’t climb.
3. Hire the professionals and put that mountain behind you!!! With their help, you can climb it!!
4. Thank you Mike..  and thank you, Megan, for helping me get my life back.
5.  A short note, what we like to think we have is “integrity”, it’s something we think we have but our follow through is the most overlooked part of integrity’s definition. This group of professionals has integrity in abundance.

Thank you again Highland Tax Group!