Donald S., Colorado

Working with Highland Tax Group, Inc. has provided me with a peace of mind I did have prior. The work completed was always done with the highest level of professionalism. Unfortunately, I didn’t save any money off of my tax bill, but I didn’t expect to. Mike Wallen, the owner of Highland Tax Group, Inc. gave me all the in’s and out’s of the tax issue, what my options were, and has stuck with me throughout the process. He even was able to advise me as to when my payment plan needed a new direct debit form, and helped me make sure all the necessary forms were signed, dated, and sent off to the IRS. Something I could have never done on my own. Thank you Mike for your professionalism, peace of mind, and helping me keep up and stay on top of my tax issue. I would recommend Highland Tax Group, Inc. to any individual dealing with an IRS issue.