Jon S., Colorado

Mike Wallen is fantastic. I had what many would call a minor tax issue. I had made an error using TurboTax’s Q&A filing and as a result the IRS was seeing data differently than what really occurred and was attempting to assess me as if I had more taxable income than I really did along with a penalty. As an accountant myself I likely could have handled it on my own and Mike even encouraged me to do so. That goes to Mike’s honesty and integrity in how he does conducts business. In addition, Mike and Highland Tax Group have developed a working relationship with the IRS, something the average taxpayer doesn’t have. Since the dollar impact to me would’ve been relatively large it was well worth it to let Mike and Highland Tax Group engage and solve my problems. In addition to the quality of the work Mike did for me it was also extremely timely. Other firms wanted to make appointments and have meetings which as you know all adds up to dollars for them. Mike and I worked everything by phone and email. I highly recommend Mike and his firm Highland Tax Group.