Jose G., Colorado

I had quite a few issues with the IRS and other taxing authorities before I decided to hire Highland Tax Group, Inc. I was recommended to Mike and Highland Tax Group by another business partner. Once I hired HTG I felt confident in Mike’s ability to assist with the problem. Mike met me and my father for lunch and we hired him on the spot. He has always been communicative and easy to deal with. Whenever I have a question regarding the debt, notices, or the agencies themselves, Mike is there ready to answer my questions without fail. My business has never been in a better position and I have to thank the work HTG did to get me where I am today. I’ve decided to keep Mike and HTG on as Power of Attorney. Mike is able to let me know when there are any issues that might come up concerning the taxing authorities. Thank you HTG for all you have done for my business to date and your continued help as time goes on!