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7 Useful Financial Planning and IRS Debt Reduction Resources in Denver

People often feel confused as they attempt to navigate the world of financial planning and IRS debt reduction. The following seven resources in Denver can help you start on the journey. Money Management International Formerly known as Consumer Credit Counseling and founded in 1967, the company merged with Money Management International in 2006 and now […]

12 of the Biggest Tax Cheats in History, And Why They Need IRS Tax Relief – Part 2

In Part I, we looked at six of the biggest tax debts in history, and why they need IRS tax relief. We’ll take a look at six more in Part II, picking up where we left off from last week’s post which can be read HERE.  Edward and Elaine Brown, Dental and Pest Business Owners The […]

12 of the Biggest IRS Tax Debts in History – Part l – And Why They Need Tax Debt Relief

No matter how rich and famous you are, you still have to pay taxes or pay the penalties, or possibly need tax debt relief. We’ll take a look at 12 famous people – six this week and six next – who thought that they could get away with cheating the system. Walter Anderson, Telecommunications Tycoon […]

IRS Phone Scam: Be Careful Out There!

IRS Phone Scam Leads to Police Raid, School Lockdown On Feb. 8, 2016, police swarmed a house in Colorado Springs after a school went on lockdown due to IRS Phone scam. The victim, Jim Davis, received a phone call, alleging that he owed back taxes and telling him to withdraw money from the bank to […]

Real World Client Testimonials: How Other People Like You, Solved Their IRS Taxes Owed

If you are trying to resolve your IRS taxes owed, you might wonder how other people have handled themselves in similar situations. Read on for real testimonies from firm clients and what they did to solve their irs taxes owed. Option 1 – Reach out to the IRS Some people think that they can avoid […]

5 Politicians Who Got Into Trouble with the IRS

Over the years, numerous politicians have catastrophically run afoul of the IRS. A brief summary follows of some of the most well-known of these crazy incidents and what exactly happened. Spiro Agnew On Oct. 10, 1976, Spiro Agnew admitted non-payment of federal income taxes and resigned as Vice President of the United States to avoid […]

4 Strategies to Handle IRS Tax Lien Issues

If you fail to pay your taxes, the IRS can legally file an IRS Tax Lien. Generally, here’s how this scenario plays out. First, the agency determines that you owe taxes and mails you a bill with the amount due. Next, you fail to pay the amount owed. As a result, the agency places an IRS […]

Owe IRS Back Taxes? What Denver Residents Need to Know About Currently Non Collectible

If you owe the IRS back taxes, the IRS might assess your financial situation and decide that you cannot pay back taxes, placing your account into a Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status. The IRS has helpful information discussing all the in’s and out’s if you owe the IRS back taxes. However, while your account is […]

Are Millennials Terrified of the IRS? Why? Is the Fear Justified?

The statistics are in: more than any other generation, millennials do everything they can to avoid dealing with the IRS. According to information from NerdWallet and Bloomberg, millennials, those between the ages of 18 and 34, are the most afraid of filing their taxes compared with all other ages. They think they will overpay, underpay […]

7 Common Mistakes People Make When They Owe The IRS

If you receive a tax bill for $10,000 or more, and you owe the IRS, you might be shocked and frozen: what steps should you take? In your frustration, you can easily make disturbingly common mistakes that could even cost you more down the road. Read on for these common errors and how you can […]