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What Happens If You Miss a Payment on Your IRS Payment Plan?

So you negotiated a payment plan with the IRS, and the agency is leaving you alone. Collection calls and demand letters have ceased, but you recently missed a payment deadline. What can you expect if you miss a payment on your IRS payment plan? Here’s the simple answer: Communication is Your Friend Contact the IRS […]

On an Installment Plan to Pay the IRS? Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know

You negotiated an installment plan with the IRS, and they have been leaving you alone. As long as you continue to make that payment, IRS calls and letters are on hold, and everything is okay. To keep things running smoothly throughout the length of your installment plan, here are five things to keep in mind: […]

What is an IRS Installment Agreement? How Much Do You Have to Pay Per Month? What If You Can’t Pay?

You have filled out your taxes and filed your IRS forms. There’s only one minor catch – you can’t afford to pay. The government might agree to an IRS installment plan so that you will not be subject to further collection actions. The minimum amount of monthly payments varies, depending on how much you owe. […]

What is IRS Form 9465, and How Does It Relate to the Back Taxes You Owe?

When you owe the government back taxes, you might wonder what steps to take to resolve your delinquencies. The Internal Revenue Service offers help for beleaguered tax payers through an installment program, allowing you to make payments instead of paying the whole amount at once. To request an installment plan, you will need to submit […]

IRS Payment Plan Accepted!

We have a client who hired us several years ago with a smaller IRS tax issue totaling $20,000. We cleaned up the situation, put an IRS payment plan in place, and eventually moved on. He was successful in paying off his debt through the IRS payment plan and had a great business plan in place. […]