New Year, Same Old IRS Backlog in 2021: We Can Help!

Yet Another IRS Backlog: What Challenges Does This Create in 2021?

Are you frustrated by the slow response from the IRS this year? You’re certainly not alone. Since the onset of the pandemic, the agency has struggled to keep up with tax returns, refunds, and audits while dealing with staffing shortages and other obstacles.

The problems are especially evident when you take a quick look at the numbers: over 8.5 million individual returns were still being processed as of early September. Typically, the IRS is able to handle all this within just three weeks — but there’s nothing typical about 2021. Keep reading to learn how the latest backlog might impact you or your loved ones.

How Long Will It Take to Receive Refunds?

After waiting months, taxpayers are beginning to wonder if they’ll ever hear back from the IRS. The good news for those who completed their returns with 100 percent accuracy? If refunds haven’t arrived yet, they’ll likely show up soon.

For returns with errors, the wait could extend another few months. According to the IRS, this ongoing delay affects a lot of taxpayers, as there are “significantly more errors on tax returns than in previous years.”

Where to Find Help

Previously, many people in search of much-needed refunds have looked to the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) for assistance. This independent office is supposed to help taxpayers resolve a variety of issues with the IRS — but currently, it also has a huge backlog. Between a small budget and high caseloads, TAS has struggled to keep up with demand. These days, the average taxpayer waits a whopping 80 minutes before chatting with a TAS representative.

Thankfully, a great alternative is available: working with an enrolled agent. This can be a great resource if your refund is delayed based on IRS claims that you made mistakes on your return. Highland Tax Group can help you resolve a variety of IRS issues, so be sure to get in touch.