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What Happens if You Default on an IRS Installment Agreement For Your Business?

After dealing with IRS business debt, you found a great solution: an installment plan to keep payments manageable. Unfortunately, despite trying your best to keep up with the agreement, you’ve defaulted on your plan and are scrambling to figure out next steps for minimizing the damage. What Are the Consequences of Defaulting? Fines are bad […]

IRS Installment Agreements for Businesses: How Do They Work?

Many individuals take advantage of IRS installments to keep tax debt from getting overwhelming — but did you know that this option is also available for businesses? Installment agreements address tax debt by building in plenty of time to tackle the issue little by little. Keep reading to learn how these agreements work: How can […]

What If an Emergency Makes It Impossible to Pay Your Monthly IRS Installment?

You’ve done the hard work of establishing a monthly IRS installment plan — and until recently, you’ve managed to make every payment on time. That all could change if an emergency situation comes into play. Below, we highlight your best options for handling emergencies that make it impossible to pay your IRS installment on time: […]

What’s the Least Amount of Money You Can Pay Per Month on an IRS Installment Plan?

Installment plans are among the most commonly relied upon options for handling tax debt. While the IRS encourages high payments in the interest of settling debt quickly, this simply isn’t realistic for most people. Thankfully, IRS installment plans offer a variety of options that can be worked into sparse budgets. Read on to learn more […]