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How to Deal With Payroll Taxes For Your Business If You’re Struggling Because of the Pandemic

Payroll taxes are often a considerable source of frustration for employers, but this is especially true in the midst of a pandemic. A few options are available for relief, but these aren’t always worth pursuing. The wisdom of deferral, for example, depends on your ability to eventually cover owed payroll taxes. The better you understand […]

What the Biden Administration Plans for the IRS — And How Those Plans Affect You

As President-elect Biden prepares for his return to the White House, Americans are wondering how he’ll handle everything from COVID to the current economic slump. Taxes also represent a common source of concern. While it’s impossible to know exactly what the IRS will look like under the future Biden administration, we can look to both […]

What Is the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights? Why Does It Matter?

At first glance, the IRS seems to hold unlimited power. Get on the agency’s wrong side, and you could suffer huge fees, liens, or in severe cases, the potential for jail time. These penalties may seem harsh, but they can’t be imposed at random. As a taxpayer, you hold far more control than you think, […]

How to Choose the Right IRS Enrolled Agent

Tax issues can quickly turn your life upside down. When the IRS comes knocking, it’s never wise to answer alone. An IRS enrolled agent can spell the difference between a devastating, anxiety-inducing ordeal and a manageable tax issue. Choosing to work with an IRS enrolled agent is the easy part; selecting one can be trickier. […]