How to Choose the Right IRS Enrolled Agent

Tax issues can quickly turn your life upside down. When the IRS comes knocking, it’s never wise to answer alone. An IRS enrolled agent can spell the difference between a devastating, anxiety-inducing ordeal and a manageable tax issue.

Choosing to work with an IRS enrolled agent is the easy part; selecting one can be trickier. Options abound, but not all are the right fit for your case. Keep the following in mind as you vet candidates:


The process of becoming an IRS enrolled agent is notoriously rigorous. As federally licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents are required to obtain Preparer Tax Identification Numbers, pass the Special Enrollment Examination, and pass tax compliance checks.

Before you proceed with an enrolled agent, determine whether this person is appropriately qualified to handle your case. In addition to checking credentials, determine the agent’s background in taxation, including the types of cases he or she typically handles.


Your IRS enrolled agent may serve, in part, as an educator — but you should never feel as if you’re receiving a lecture. The best agents understand how easy it is to fall into IRS traps. You can quickly determine your enrolled agent’s empathy while conducting a phone-based consultation.


Compassion is critical, but it will only go so far if your IRS enrolled agent isn’t willing to take aggressive action when necessary. You need someone who will stand up to the IRS.

A little vetting can make a huge difference as you choose your IRS enrolled agent. Word of mouth and online reviews provide excellent insight. Do your homework to ensure you work with a trustworthy professional.

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