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How to Tell Whether a Communication from the IRS is Real or a Scam

Tax identity thieves are paying attention. They listen to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warn the public that the agency will not call or send emails to discuss tax issues. Instead, the IRS always first contacts taxpayers via old-fashioned snail-mailed letters. So, that’s what tax criminals are doing now, too. In fact, even the IRS […]

Owe Money to the IRS? Here are 20 Terms to Know

One of the reasons many people struggle with taxes is because the IRS effectively has its own language. You can access IRS instructions and forms with ease, but if you can’t decipher the vocabulary, you will face trouble and frustration – almost as if you’ve been parachuted into a surprise college Latin final. To simplify, […]

First Time Penalty Abatement Accepted Saving Client $35,000!

Our client came to us this summer with a hefty tax liability, (over $125,000) along with IRS penalty and interest charges, stemming from a broken relationship. She mentioned her now estranged husband managed to cash in most of their joint retirement accounts, not pay the tax, and then proceed to file separately from her. Thus […]

Tax Penalty Abatement: 7 Common Myths

Have you received an IRS tax notice indicating that you need to pay back tax debts? If so, you obviously want to resolve your matter carefully, quickly and ethically. Unfortunately, when it comes to sidestepping IRS penalties and obtaining tax relief, Coloradans often engage in dubious or even outright illegal or counterproductive behavior, because they’re […]

First Time Penalty Reduction Granted for $2,200!

Our client came to us last fall with a smaller tax liability, along with IRS penalty and interest charges, stemming from an audit. He was interested in a penalty reduction as well as working out a payment plan of some sort on the remainder of the bill. Upon the client hiring us the IRS had […]

5 Tips on Filing an IRS Penalty Abatement Request

We receive quite a few calls from prospective clients inquiring about the receiving a reduction or a IRS penalty abatement in relation to penalties accrued. Most individuals and businesses alike do not qualify for a settlement program or a IRS penalty abatement. In fact, most clients we obtain we set up an affordable payment plan […]

Workers Compensation Penalty of $15,000 Reversed!

We recently assisted a client with a State of Colorado workers compensation issue. The company is a cleaning services company that was paying each of their workers as independent contractors for over 3 years. Each contractor was cleaning businesses and homes on demand. They were using cleaning supplies provided by the company. They were working on […]

The IRS Offer in Compromise Process – 3 FAQ’s

I tend to field quite a few questions regarding the IRS offer in compromise process. Below are the top 3 questions I receive regarding the offer in compromise process: Q. How long does the Offer in Compromise process take from start to finish? A. The answer is usually it depends. However, the standard Offer in […]

Proud to do Business in Denver!

The link below is a video produced to showcase what Denver is all about. We are proud to do business in Denver! Enjoy. Proud to do business in Denver!