First Time Penalty Reduction Granted for $2,200!

Our client came to us last fall with a smaller tax liability, along with IRS penalty and interest charges, stemming from an audit. He was interested in a penalty reduction as well as working out a payment plan of some sort on the remainder of the bill. Upon the client hiring us the IRS had given our client about two weeks to respond with an acceptance of the audit change or a denial of the change. Our deadline was only a few days away. Needless to say we began work immediately toward a penalty reduction.

The potential tax, penalty, and interest was closer to $15,000 prior to hiring us. The tax was $11,000, interest was $1,800, and penalties totaled $2,200. We started working on our penalty reduction by filing an answer to the original audit correspondence. We agreed to the tax changes, had the client sign the audit determination, and drafted a response to the audit requesting a first penalty reduction on the 2013 tax year.

After roughly 60 days from our initial response we received documentation back from the IRS agreeing to our penalty reduction in the amount of $2,200! We have since set up a payment plan for the remainder. Our client was more than pleased with our work on his penalty reduction.

If you or someone you know is facing a penalty charge by the IRS please call us immediately at 720-398-6088. We will be pleased to help with your penalty reduction request!