You’re Way Behind on Your IRS Employment Taxes: How Do You Triage And Regain Control?

Not just anybody is capable of running a business. While deeply fulfilling, entrepreneurism can be stressful even during the best of times.

Much of this derives from constant issues with taxes and compliance. Employment taxes, in particular, are a hassle — and the problem is even worse if they’re not paid on time. If you’ve fallen behind, however, it’s not too late to regain control, as we demonstrate below:

Don’t Procrastinate

If you’ve made it this far without seeing consequences from the IRS, your luck is about to run out. Every day you carry on without tackling the problem is another day you could be assessed interest or other fees. In fact, if you’re aware of your responsibility to pay these taxes and willfully fail to do so, you could be guilty of a federal crime.

It’s always better to resolve unpaid taxes before you hear from the IRS. If you’ve already received a 903 letter, you’ll want to be especially proactive, as this indicates that the agency is aware of your unpaid debt and getting ready to act on it.

Seek Help From an Expert

At this point in the game, it’s easy to make costly mistakes as you deal with the IRS. As such, it’s rarely in your best interest to handle the situation on your own.

Consider working with an enrolled agent, who can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. This professional can draw on extensive knowledge and connections to secure an outcome far better than you can possibly hope for if you take on the challenge alone. What’s more, you’ll find working with an enrolled agent far less stressful.

If you’re struggling with unpaid employment taxes, don’t wait to get the Highland Tax Group on your side. Reach out today for more information.