[Emotionally] Surviving an IRS Audit: Tips From the Trenches

A dreaded audit has come your way, and naturally, you’re freaking out. Panic is normal but will do you little good as you attempt to restore order to your life. Follow these suggestions to minimize the emotional burden of this ordeal:

Determine Your Options

Sometimes, the bulk of your IRS-induced anxiety involves a pure lack of understanding. While it’s important to take your tax issues seriously, you’ll also want to temper what could be a natural tendency to blow concerns out of proportion.

Will an IRS agent haul you to jail? Probably not. Do your homework to determine the nature of your tax issue and the real extent of the penalties you’re likely to face.

Find Your Happy Place

In the midst of an audit nightmare, you’ll need at least one reliable source of solace. Where can you go or what can you do to ditch stress for a few days—or at least a few hours? Whether you spend the weekend camping or the day at a spa, make an effort to unplug.

Work With a Professional

Don’t take on the burden of dealing with the IRS alone. IRS issues are hopelessly complicated, as you’ll quickly discover while exploring the specifics of your case. Your potential for a prompt, stress-free, and desirable outcome will be far greater if you work with a qualified professional such as an IRS enrolled agent. Seek a compassionate agent who is eager to remove at least some of this burden from your shoulders.

There’s no need to go it alone as you deal with IRS problems. With an enrolled agent on your side, you can get through this difficult time. Look to Highland Tax Resolution for compassionate service every step of the way.