IRS Audit Representation in Denver: What Is It? How Can It Help You Survive the IRS?

The words “IRS tax audit” could well be some of the most frightening words in the English language. If you have received an audit notification from the IRS, you might have no idea what to do next, and you’re likely overwhelmed by powerful emotions, like fear and anxiety. By securing qualified Denver audit tax representation, however, you can handle the IRS and live to tell the tale. Let’s go over some critical basics.

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What is IRS Tax Audit Representation?

Sometimes also called “audit defense,” tax audit representation allows a tax professional to stand in for either a person or a business during a state or federal tax audit. The representative needs to have specific credentials to be qualified to act as a stand-in. People who can do this work include CPAS, lawyers and enrolled agents. The representative works with the taxpayer to draft a defense strategy and organize all of the necessary paperwork. He or she then deals with all correspondence and goes to all meetings as needed.

Surviving an Audit: What You Need to Know

If the IRS just wants additional information, such as a W-2, you can likely just send in the paperwork. However, you might not know why you are being audited, and you may want to challenge the basis for the audit. Especially if the IRS agent wants to personally meet with you, you will likely need professional help to navigate the way forward. Your assigned representative should have extensive experience dealing with similar cases, and he or she will act as a buffer between you and the agency, explaining your rights, so that you understand the process. The representative will also protect you, preventing the government from overstepping its authority. If the IRS requests additional paperwork that you cannot find, the tax representative will help you document your case to the satisfaction of the agency.

Retaining Professional Help During an Audit

Our team has worked with numerous clients who have been subject to an IRS tax audit, helping them with the process, so that they do not have to face it alone. Our tax resolution professionals in Denver look forward to helping you secure a favorable outcome. Contact us today at 720-398-6088.