Why It’s Important to Stop the Bleeding When You Owe the IRS — And What You Can Do

IRS issues have a way of snowballing, with seemingly minor problems quickly spiraling out of control if they’re not tackled right away. But while many taxpayers see their IRS issues blow up seemingly overnight, others experience a slower buildup involving an increasing level of stress and financial damage as time goes on.

This slow onset of tax drama can actually prove more devastating in the long-run, as it may be more difficult to find a solution if too much time passes without taking action. As penalties, fines, and notices from the IRS begin to accrue, it’s worth your while to rip off the Band-Aid and find a permanent solution. Here’s how:

Stop Procrastinating

From annual filing to entering into installment plans, taxpayers procrastinate on every IRS essential. This tactic is understandable in the face of crippling tax-induced anxiety, but it only makes the problem — and the financial fallout — worse over time.

IRS-related procrastination also harms your quality of life, leading to constant stress, poor sleep, and even harmful coping mechanisms. Ending this bad habit can be difficult, but may prove easier if you understand the long-term consequences.

To get a handle on your tendency to procrastinate, make a plan to tackle at least one dreaded task every day. Take baby steps if necessary — and reward yourself for any forward momentum.

Seek an Outside Perspective

An ideal solution to your IRS drama may be available — but if you’re like many taxpayers, you’re completely unaware of it or unsure how to implement even the simplest solutions. Hence, the need for a tax resolution service, which can provide the insight you need when you’re too stressed to come up with a solution on your own.

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