6 Red Flags That Suggest Your IRS Tax Professional is Incompetent

The right IRS tax professional can help you achieve a sizable tax return, all while minimizing your risk of being audited. However, while many tax preparers offer big promises, not all are able to deliver. Think carefully about who you want to handle your taxes, and don’t hesitate to walk away if you observe any of these red flags during the vetting process:


1. The tax professional lacks a Preparer Tax Identification Number.

All tax preparers should have PTINs, which they must include when signing tax returns. If your tax preparer is not willing to share his or her PTIN, walk away. 

2. A lack of other credentials.

Involvement in a professional association with a code of ethics is imperative. Ideally, your tax professional will be a certified public accountant or a tax attorney. Regular attendance at continuing education classes is also of chief importance.

3. The preparer has a poor Google Plus or Yelp reviews.

Look to Google Plus or Yelp for poor reviews or signs of poor service. Evidence of disciplinary action can also be found in the Internal Revenue Bulletin, which is published by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

4. The preparer refuses to e-file or fails to follow e-file rules.

Not only should your tax preparer be willing to e-file your return, but he or she should also commit to doing so via W-2. A desire to e-file with a past pay stub should be cause for alarm.

5. Inability to get in touch after the return has been filed.

Questions may come up after your tax return has been filed. If you have any concerns at all, you should be able to immediately get in touch with your tax professional.  

6. Being asked to sign a blank tax return.

If a tax professional instructs you to sign a blank tax return, refuse — and cease your professional relationship with this individual. 

The ideal tax preparer is prompt, professional, and boasts numerous credentials and positive reviews. Vet your tax preparer thoroughly to ensure that your return is in good hands.

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