Backlog at the IRS: What It Means For You

It’s never been easy to get in touch with the IRS, but delays are all but inevitable in light of the agency’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. In hopes of providing relief, the IRS has delayed filing activities and collection activity. Now, however, as these concerns once again loom large in the minds of taxpayers, the agency lacks the resources necessary to keep up with an influx of calls.

As of late May, the IRS had only processed 117 million tax returns. This represents a significant decrease as compared to last year. Unfortunately, while the agency is perfectly happy to accept payments, assistance may be more difficult to come by. Be prepared to deal with the following implications of the current IRS backlog:

Opt for Digital Returns

If you prefer paper-based tax returns, beware: the IRS is not currently processing these documents. Even when such operations resume, new social distancing requirements will significantly hinder the agency’s workflow. You’ll obtain a far faster response if you go digital.

Don’t Expect Responses By Mail or Phone

Don’t bother seeking IRS feedback in writing. The agency currently lacks the staff needed to respond to written requests. Phone-based interactions are nearly as difficult to navigate. Many callers are frustrated to find themselves referred to the agency’s website.

The Need for an Advocate

In the midst of major IRS delays, it makes little sense to deal with the agency alone. Not only does this approach waste valuable time, you risk an unfavorable outcome if you make even minor mistakes when you finally get in touch. A tax resolution service can ensure that your IRS issues come to a quick and desirable close.

IRS matters are confusing enough as is, but it’s almost impossible for the average individual to understand tax issues during this time of turmoil. If you’re struggling to make sense of your current IRS concerns, look to the Highland Tax Group for assistance. We’ll provide the guidance and representation you need. Contact us today for more information.