How to Calendar Your Business Taxes So You Aren’t Caught Off Guard By Payroll Taxes (Or Penalties)

As a small business owner, missed tax deadlines are one of your greatest nightmares. Careful scheduling can ensure that you meet all deadlines, but even the most conscientious business owner may struggle to keep so many dates and requirements straight. Follow these simple steps to keep payroll tax problems to a minimum:

Check the IRS Online Calendar

Simplify your tax schedule by keeping an eye on the official IRS online calendar. Recently updated based on feedback from business owners, the calendar’s latest edition includes the ability to view a full month at once, as well as a printing tool and access for visually impaired users. Once you input requested information, you can view the next date for your quarterly payment. Additionally, the calendar details which form to use if you previously filed an extension. The calendar is available in English or Spanish.

Receive Calendar Reminders

Perhaps you know the IRS online calendar exists but rarely bother to check it. A few simple notifications may help. Configure an RSS feed via the IRS website to send automatic notifications to your email inbox. This is a great option if you struggle to check multiple calendars on a regular basis.

Subscribe to the Small Business Calendar

If you use Mac iCal, Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2010, you can subscribe to the small business calendar for the IRS. This will automatically update information in your calendar program.

From subscriptions to RSS feed updates, numerous options exist for keeping up with IRS deadlines. Choose an approach that works for you — and don’t be afraid to adjust as you acquire new email or calendar software.

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