IRS Stakeholder Liaison Resources and Information

Small business owners face unique tax challenges. That’s why the IRS wants to ensure that the tax professionals and organizations you work with are current on the latest tax law, policy, procedure, and ongoing IRS initiatives. The IRS created the IRS Stakeholder Liaison (SL) office in the 1970s to help disseminate this information and education in local communities like yours.

The IRS Stakeholder Liaison Role

The IRS Stakeholder Liaison aims to build relationships with key stakeholders in the tax community, including professional organizations and tax professionals working with small businesses and self-employed taxpayers. They work to:

  • Improve voluntary tax compliance through education,
  • Elevate local issues and tax concerns within the IRS,
  • Provide information on IRS tax policies and procedures, and
  • Support IRS strategic compliance programs.

IRS Stakeholder Liaison Resources

The SL website, national organization, and local Stakeholder Liaisons offer many tax resources, including in-person and virtual seminars, online videos and newsletters, and virtual education.

  1. Meetings and Seminars

Your area liaison will also offer periodic meetings and seminars for the tax professional community. These seminars share important educational information with tax practitioners about IRS programs, policies, and issues, ensuring that the professionals you work with as small business owners or self-employed taxpayers are as informed as possible. The liaisons also provide:

  • Information,
  • Virtual small business tax workshops, and
  • Additional tools for small businesses.
  1. National and Local Phone Forums

IRS Stakeholder Liaison phone forums happen at the national and local levels to inform tax practitioners and partner organizations about ongoing IRS initiatives, tax policy, and guidance and to disseminate educational materials and resources. They also offer tax professionals and organizations that work closely with small businesses to give the IRS feedback about challenges they see in tax administration and suggestions for improvement.

  1. E-Newsletters and Online Assistance

The IRS Stakeholder Liaisons also publish e-news for tax professionals and small businesses and “headliner” articles for stakeholder partners. They also offer web-based “tax centers” that link from professional tax websites to the IRS, making it easier to find frequently used pages from the IRS website. The SL site also has a Tax Practitioner Video and Audio Presentations page and Tax Talk Today, an online series of programs to educate tax professionals.

Hire an Experienced Tax Professional

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