Strategies an Enrolled Agent Can Take to Help You Deal With a Large IRS Debt

IRS debt is notoriously stressful, and, as an anxious taxpayer, you may have no idea where to turn first. While many taxpayers attempt to undertake dealings with the IRS on their own, this approach is rarely advisable. With an enrolled agent on your side, you can tackle IRS issues with confidence, knowing that a viable resolution is just around the corner. The following are among the main ways an enrolled agent can help you handle your tax debt:

Navigate Debt Payment Strategies

A variety of options are available for resolving your debt. On one level, that’s great — at least one available option should be suitable for your situation. On the other hand, it’s difficult for the average taxpayer to understand eligibility standards or to know which approach is most favorable. An enrolled agent can clarify top options so you know what to expect.

From installment plans to offers in compromise and even currently not collectible status, your enrolled agent will inform you of the full array of available solutions — and which approach is best for your specific situation.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

When in doubt, it’s best to avoid speaking directly with the IRS. No matter how informed you think you are about taxes, you risk saying the wrong thing at the wrong time — and as a result, being hit with an even worse debt situation.

Your enrolled agent can negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your debt problems are handled appropriately. By taking care of the specifics, your agent can dramatically improve your chances of qualifying for tax solutions you might have otherwise assumed were completely out of reach.

Dealing with major IRS debt may be stressful, but you don’t need to go it alone. The tax experts at the Highland Tax Group are happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about the best available approaches for tackling IRS debt.