The IRS Backlog Continues in 2021: What This Means For You

Frustrated with the IRS? You’re certainly not alone. As if the beginning of 2021 wasn’t stressful enough, taxpayers are now complaining of ongoing delays that have carried over from 2020. Unfortunately, these problems aren’t about to disappear.

The cause? A huge backlog with the IRS. This occurred in response to the initial COVID shutdown, which caused important work to be delayed for months. Over time, this piled up, leading to the million returns that remain unprocessed. This is understandably distressing for taxpayers who depend on these refunds — and for those who wonder if they’ll ever receive them.

What To Do If Your Refund Is Still Delayed

Don’t lose hope if your refund has yet to arrive. As you move forward, consider the type of return you filed. Ostensibly, the IRS is supposed to respond first to those who submitted their returns online. If you opted for the traditional, paper-based route, you may be forced to wait a bit longer. Either way, it’s worth your while to check your refund status at the IRS website.

Next, consider seeking extra assistance to hasten the process. While the IRS recommends making appointments with the agency’s local representatives, it may be easier to tackle the problem with help from a tax resolution service. This is especially true if you’ve received incorrect tax notices and suspect that the backlog is to blame.

It’s impossible to predict when, exactly, the IRS will get caught up or how the ongoing backlog will impact taxpayers as they get started on their 2020 returns. At this point, it’s best to prepare for a long wait and a lot of unwanted negotiations with the agency.

If you’re stressed about personal tax problems prompted by the 2021 IRS backlog, look to the Highland Tax Group for support. We can work with you to expedite the process and ease your stress.