The Weirdest Excuses People Give the IRS For Unpaid Back Taxes

Given the government shutdown, we thought we would keep things light today. Sometimes, the most responsible taxpayers mess up. Life can get in the way and force well-meaning individuals to fall behind for legitimate reasons. Others, however, attempt to use unfathomable excuses to explain their failure to pay up. A few of the strangest excuses are outlined below:

My Tax Return Was Destroyed In a Fire…On My Yacht

According to a report published in Economia, people have actually attempted to use this excuse with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the United Kingdom. While this is one of the more ridiculous examples, fire is often cited as a reason for delinquent taxpayers’ failure to file or pay up.

My Child Scribbled On And Destroyed My Tax Return

Another horrible excuse outlined by Economia, this reasoning isn’t likely to sway the powers that be at the IRS. Similar examples involve children destroying hard drives or other technological implements required for finishing taxes.

I Suffer Late Filing Syndrome

You won’t find it listed in the DSM V or diagnosed in any legitimate hospital or clinic, but that didn’t stop a governor’s aide in the United States from using a made-up syndrome as an excuse for late filing.

My Dog Ate My Tax Paperwork

Blaming the dog for unfinished tasks is a top tactic in elementary school. Some kids, however, never grow out of the habit. Shockingly, the IRS lists this as one of the top excuses it receives for late taxes. Who knew dogs found tax documents so enticing?

These excuses clearly aren’t difficult for the IRS to overcome, but other seemingly legitimate excuses are just as frequently bypassed. When in doubt, it’s better to ditch the excuses and work with a tax professional, who can help you obtain an extension, an Offer in Compromise, or some other viable solution.

Why settle for a lame excuse when you can resolve your tax issues once and for all? With the Highland Tax Group on your side, you can ditch the excuses and obtain a clean slate. Call 720-398-6088 today to learn about our tax services.